Dream interpretation

What is the dream of dreaming about the bridge


What is the dream of the bridge and about what events does your subconscious warn you through such a dream? This may be a symbol of unjustified hopes or disappointment in the spouse. But to understand and make a more accurate "diagnosis" read this article with forecasts of popular dream books.

Dream Vanga

Bulgarian clairvoyant believed that the bridge symbolizes hopes, oaths and promises. Her predictions are based on this.

Here they are:

  1. To go on the bridge or walk on it on foot, and then fail - to betrayal by a loved one, whom you used to trust, like yourself. This meanness will completely disarm you, you will become hard to experience what happened, but in the end you will be able to bestow your forgiveness.
  2. Build a bridge - to the offensive in the life of a difficult period. Difficulties arise because you have too many obligations that you are not always able to handle. It is enough to solve the problems of others - try to relax and get rid of some of the responsibilities.
  3. A long walk on the bridge - you will feel a tremendous sense of shame and experience remorse for some act of your own, done in the past. It is associated with an unfulfilled promise given to a close friend.

Noble dream book

The bridge is a symbol of contact between the soul of man and the external world, between reality and otherworldly forces or between the individual and society.

Here are the interpretations:

  1. Beautiful and very wide bridge - support will come from the side from which you did not expect. This is a sign that you live in harmony with yourself and satisfy the needs of your own soul, and also you are in proper contact with people.
  2. A broken bridge speaks of a lack of trust in people, a fear of life. The dreamer is alienated and because of this alone. He should learn to be more open, to believe in himself and stop looking for a catch in everything that surrounds him.
  3. Wooden bridge - to the happiness and well-being in your personal life. For a lonely person - the opportunity to meet your soul mate and get to know the real unconditional love for a partner.
  4. A bizarre bridge - to sexual experiments due to lack of diversity in intimate life. The partner will offer you to try something new, try to open up and respond to his proposal by consent.
  5. The rural bridge across the river is a symbol of kinship ties. In the near future, fate will test them for strength. This will be a test of family relationships, and your behavior will determine the future fate.
  6. Crossing over a narrow bridge - you are not confident, which is why your relationships with other people often suffer. To fix the situation, you need to learn to love yourself, accept with all the flaws and develop dignity.
  7. To meet a person on the bridge is an auspicious sign. A fateful acquaintance will take place in your life, thanks to which you will find happiness in love and build harmonious relations with your ideal partner.
  8. If you walked along the bridge, and it was loose, then your relationship with your partner is also quite shaky. It is all your obsessive fears - you are constantly worried that you can be alone, and your anxiety can attract negative events that will lead to parting.
  9. Statues on the bridge - you will find a powerful patron. A rich and influential person will appear in your life who will help you quickly cope with all problems, become your mentor, teacher and like-minded person.
  10. Animals on the bridge - you do not know how to control your emotions, and that is why problems constantly arise in relationships with people. It should learn to control the feelings, then it will go smoothly.

Dream Miller

If you have seen a long dilapidated bridge with unusual bends and structure, then soon you will fall into a state of apathy and melancholy. The reason for this - the loss of something important and meaningful to you.

More interpretations:

  1. For young girls and boys, the bridge dreams of dark thoughts, disappointment and shattering of hope. This will happen because they are always in search of a non-existent ideal, forgetting that everything has flaws.
  2. To cross the bridge over the turbulent river - there are serious problems in your life, but very soon you will successfully overcome them and enter a new, happy and serene life stage.
  3. If you walk along the road and suddenly a bridge appears on your way, this is an unfavorable sign. On the way to achieving goals, there will be circumstances of insuperable force that can make you lose faith in the best.
  4. Looking from the bridge to muddy and dirty water - you will make a lot of effort to achieve an important goal, but the desired result will not work. It is worth thinking whether you have chosen the right path, it is possible that your soul wants something completely different.

Female dream book

The bridge, dreamed from Thursday to Friday - to the fears and anxieties with which you will not be able to cope. It will take time to return to a state of calm and life satisfaction.

From Wednesday to Thursday - get a difficult and responsible job, which you will need to quickly and accurately perform. Try to avoid mistakes, because each of them can cost you a career.

From Monday to Tuesday, the world will require decisive action from you. Sit aside will not work. If you want to get what you want, you will have to try, using all the resources, skills and knowledge you have.

Burning bridge - a warning. You too often run the risk of losing or parting with your beloved. It is worth being more careful not to ruin your own life.