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The female name of Milan - traits and meaning


Milan is an old Slavic name, formed from the male name Milan and means beloved, dear. Related names are Miles, Milada, Milica. There is also an assumption that it comes from the name of the city of Milan. In the old days it was popular in Italy and meant it - "fashionista". Currently, this name is popular and widespread throughout the world.

Name days and patron saints

  • Since this name is not in the church name, girls are baptized in the name of Militsa at baptism.
  • Angel Day they celebrate three times a year: August 1, September 12 and February 5.

Name feature

  • Milana has a great internal energy, it is an extraordinary nature. Being an adult can become suspicious.
  • In childhood, the features and character of a girl resemble a father. She grows a restless child with a bizarre character. Parents need to give her a lot of attention in order to direct her energy in the right direction. You can say about Milana as a child - you will not get bored with her.
  • While studying at school, she is well assimilated in the humanities, takes part in drama groups, is not afraid to take part in public speaking.
  • In adolescence, she quickly becomes self-sufficient, sexuality wakes up early in her. Therefore, she loves the male society more. Home education will affect its further behavior.
  • Charm she endowed with childhood. It can be called a little yoke. There is an interest in the study of esotericism. Believes in prophetic dreams.

Compatible with male names

  • A happy family life awaits her with Daniel, Yaroslav, Artem, Vanya.
  • Undesirable marriage with Ruslan, Igor, Dmitry

Business and career

She has innate business acumen, the ability to solve professional problems of any complexity. She also has creative abilities, but their implementation depends on herself. Milan can be a successful designer, journalist, fashion designer or photographer. In the team shows sociability and among colleagues is respected. Quickly moving up the career ladder.

Astrological symbolism of the name

  • Planet Neptune.
  • Zodiac sign - Cancer.
  • The season of the year is summer.
  • The day is Friday.
  • Color - yellow and green.
  • Flora - grapes or rose.
  • The animal is an albatross.
  • Stone - aquamarine or topaz.

Among famous women there are carriers of this name.

These are actresses Mila Jovovich and Milen Farmer, athlete Milana Dudieva, TV presenter Milana Simonova.


In his youth, there are no problems with this. As you grow older, due to bad habits (smoking, alcohol), problems may arise in this regard. She is prone to overweight. To avoid this, you need to pay more attention to your lifestyle.


Milana - sexy nature, men enjoy success. Her relationship with a man should always contain some novelty, otherwise she loses interest in this gentleman. Due to her energy, she feels young for a long time.

Marriage and family

She usually gets married more than once. The first marriage in his youth often fails. Growing up, she is able to create a successful family. The woman is jealous, loves to invite guests to her home. She is hardly an economical hostess, but she skillfully maintains cleanliness and order in the house.

Horoscope named Milan

  1. Aries - bright and energetic nature, requiring the attention of people around them. In the professional field can achieve considerable success. In love, she seeks to become the mistress of the situation. In the marital relationship of Milan continues to defend its uniqueness.
  2. Taurus - economic nature, cautious, with an independent character. It is characterized by unprecedented overconfidence. In family life, she is a practical hostess, constantly striving to improve her home. Her family and home are paramount to her.
  3. Gemini - this woman is always in a positive mood, lives for today. This helps to overcome the difficulties encountered without unnecessary emotions. She may have many different hobbies. Difficulties in marriage are possible, because in this respect Milan will not always agree to devote life to only one man.
  4. Cancer - secretive nature, differs hard work. She has a great imagination and intuition. Character erasable. The negative word addressed to her in her address can lead her to a depressed state. At the same time, it has a powerful internal energy. She is committed to a quiet family life. Marital relations may be harmed by her touchiness and isolation.
  5. Leo is a proud and independent person. This woman wants to achieve a lot, but suffers from laziness. Therefore, the desire to achieve their goals overcome it constantly. She has leadership qualities and rarely draws attention to outside opinions. Personal life is usually saturated. She constantly needs male attention. In marriage, faithful to her husband.
  6. Virgo is a confident and practical woman. In any case, shows perseverance and endurance. She understands that only through hard work can you achieve success in the professional field. He loves and maintains order in everything. This woman will always be devoted to her family, she will be a good housewife and wife.
  7. Libra is a spiritually developed, peaceful and sensual nature. Small things are not annoyed, he loves all his close relatives. For its appearance lies a strict disposition. She is patient and can always find a compromise in difficult everyday situations. This woman will be a good wife, a caring mother and a wonderful hostess.
  8. Scorpio is an independent person. She has a developed intuition. The desire to be domineering in kind and her indifference to money makes her make a successful career in work. In love, she can go to extremes. She has one step from love to hate. Just seeing the love and devotion of a man, she will be a good wife and mother.
  9. Sagittarius - free and energetic nature, prone to unpredictable actions. In the professional field can achieve success, thanks to its organizational skills and high working capacity. Despite the fact that it will be difficult to make a simple housewife out of her, she will be an excellent wife and mother.
  10. Capricorn - caring and delicate nature, prone to vainglory. Such a woman will seek a high position at work, and ensure a good social status. Family is important to her too. In the marital relationship, she will be a little secretive, prone to bouts of pessimism, although there may not be a good reason for this. She will do her best for her husband and children.
  11. Aquarius is a moral and kind person. Other people's advice is not perceived by a resolute woman. In the team strive to be visible and take a leading position. To work applies in good faith. In marriage, it is a good wife and caring mother.
  12. Fish - dreamy and sensual nature. The nature of secretive, can well endear people. Never in a hurry anywhere, does not perceive external pressure on himself. Often located in his fictional world. Real life problems are not its elements. He is looking for a chosen one who would financially provide it completely. It is designed to create a cozy family nest.