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Compatibility of Libra and Taurus - they better be friends


The compatibility of Libra and Taurus is not favorable from the point of view of astrologers. These signs are absolutely incompatible with each other. Let's figure out why.

Compatibility in love

Libra and Taurus - signs with different parity in the zodiacal table. Their elements - air and earth also are not combined. In such a pair, Libra is usually a rabbit and Taurus is a constrictor, so relationships are often co-dependent.

The key points that manifest themselves in the Libra and Taurus alliance are as follows:

  1. They can become wonderful friends, and carry friendships over many years. Such a partnership will be especially strong if people live far enough apart and are rarely seen.
  2. As for love relationships, it’s quite difficult to predict them. Such couples often come to a break on the initiative of Taurus, which becomes a big and very unpleasant surprise for Libra.
  3. Trust is the most important thing for Taurus, this is what he is looking for in a relationship. But to trust Libra is unbearably difficult for him. Even if the partner does not think about treason, his sociability and love to flirt with everyone in a row can cause Taurus to doubt the sincerity of Libra's feelings.
  4. There are favorable moments. Both of these signs are under the auspices of the same planet - Venus. This means that for both of them a great role in life is played by the search for aesthetics and harmony in everything. On this basis, they usually converge, and communication in the early stages of a relationship is fairly relaxed, easy, without misunderstanding and sharp conflicts.
  5. They will always have common topics for conversation. Both love to dream, often hovering in the clouds and live in some kind of personal dream world. The only difference is that Taurus is the initiator of communication and prefers to discuss only topics of interest to him. The scope of Libra and Libra’s thinking are broader, so gradually it becomes uninteresting for them to discuss the same topics. But at the initial stage, they are still adjusting to their partner, because of their love and in the heat of romantic dreams.
  6. Taurus attracts Libra with its strong inner core, bright charisma and charm, authority and achievements. Also very attractive is the fact that they almost completely share the interests of each other.
  7. Scales like Taurus outwardly, they are attracted by a light character, education, intelligence and a sharp mind. It is also pleasant that Scales are not conflicts, they know how to be diplomatic and tactful.
  8. Being in love with each other over time increases, both in a pair feel a strong emotional connection. But it will not be long. In the presence of Taurus, Libra seems to melt - they are ready to listen to their interlocutor constantly, sincerely interested in him, listen to him. But as soon as he disappears beyond the horizon, Libra is acutely lonely, they lack the second half nearby and fall in love because of the contrast of emotions even more.
  9. This is where the problems begin - after the first “next” on the part of Taurus, Libra falls in love completely and ceases to adequately assess the situation. Relationships become co-dependent — Libra silently loves and suffers, Taurus wonders why their partner is permanently dissatisfied and offended.
  10. In principle, such relationships have a chance to exist due to similar ideals and spiritual, moral values. They can stay together if they successfully overcome some difficult life situation, together solve a big problem.
  11. Otherwise, the union will be deprived of harmony, will turn into a co-dependent relationship in which Libra will suffer, and Taurus sooner or later will decide to part.

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Causes of conflict

Astrology is a very exact science, but if you are not compatible with your companion, this does not mean that you should put a cross on relationships. You just need to better study your partner, know how to smooth sharp corners and solve communication problems.

What can be a source of quarrels and separation in a pair of Taurus and Libra:

If at first both will be completely fascinated by each other, then over time, admiration will be replaced by insults and complaints. And it is from the direction of Libra, who will realize that the partner is not intelligent enough, does not think so deeply and constantly commands.

  1. Taurus, instead of reaching for the Scales and developing, will “brake” the partner and lead him on the path of stagnation, rather than general achievements. By virtue of Libra’s natural tact, they will tolerate it, which will harm relations even more.
  2. At the beginning of the relationship both admire the fact that there is an opportunity to always share plans, goals and feelings with a partner. But over time, they will realize that they look at the world in completely different ways. Taurus is more mundane, thinks more about material things. Scales, on the other hand, prefer to soar in the clouds and make long-term plans without thinking about how they will solve short-term problems.
  3. Taurus is usually more successful in material terms. They clearly know what they want, set goals and achieve them, putting maximum effort. Libra, by contrast, live "as it is", without thinking too much about tomorrow. If Taurus tries to remake its partner in this, the collapse of relations is inevitable. If he accepts the satellite as it is, there are chances for a happy future.

In general, the relationship Taurus and Libra - a union "boa" and "rabbit", respectively. For an air sign, such love is not very attractive, because you will have to constantly sacrifice yourself, feel cold and lack of mutual understanding on the part of your partner.

There will be no material and social security, Libra is at great risk to break his heart over time. It is better to stop such relations as soon as disagreements appear and the first opinions in serious conflicts do not coincide. Of course, you can take a chance, but it is likely that Taurus sooner or later will leave his lover partner all alone.

It is better for such people to be friends, cooperate and interact in a professional environment, but one should not try to build love, because collapse, painful separation and many tears are almost inevitable.