Dream interpretation

What dreams of a big fish in the dream book


To determine what dreams big fish, read this article, which contains the interpretation of the best dream books. They will help you find out what awaits you in the future, show you what you should pay attention to and how to behave.

Family Dream

The prediction will depend on what you did with the fish in your dream, how it looked, so try to remember all the details.


  1. Seeing the fish skeleton is unfortunate. Your plans and hopes will collapse, you will have to experience strong disappointment due to unfulfilled desires.
  2. Fishing is a sign that you are wasting your efforts most of the time. Your work will be invaluable. It may also be a sign that you are wasting time and effort on a business that does not deserve your attention.
  3. To see how another person catches fish - for men, such a dream promises illness, and for women - a long-awaited pregnancy.
  4. Watching the float and see how the fish swallowed the bait - with the fulfillment of your desire will have to wait. Circumstances are not on your side now, so you have to face unforeseen difficulties and problems.
  5. Catch a huge fish - to the conclusion of a profitable marriage, which will solve most of your material problems. Or you can start a new business that will bring good profits.
  6. Watching the fish swim in the water - now you are afraid of the future, but it will stop soon. You will have goals that you will achieve, and in the end you will get everything you strive for.
  7. Catching a good catch is a big profit. And the more fish will be in your networks, the more solid the financial income will be. But at the same time you expect a lot of trouble and problems that will have to be solved as soon as possible.
  8. Remain without a catch - to the collapse of your plans. You will not get what you longed for. And you have to look for other ways to achieve goals.
  9. A huge fish of bright color is an unfavorable sign warning of the danger that threatens you. The culprit will be a close person, who decided to betray. And you will not even suspect him for a long time.
  10. Red fish - to strong emotional experiences. The secret will be revealed, you will learn the truth about your loved one, and she will seriously upset you. You will have a choice to accept the current state of affairs or to part with your chosen one.
  11. Bony fish - on the way to achieving the goal you are facing serious obstacles, because fate itself decided to arrange for you a test of strength. You need to show maximum patience and work hard to successfully overcome all obstacles.
  12. There is raw fish - you are waiting for major losses, the cause of which is in your own irresponsibility. You should keep a promise that you did not fulfill in the distant past, then the situation is normalized.
  13. Dead fish is an unfavorable sign. Your dream will not come true, because circumstances will prevent it. You cannot change anything, so it remains to release the situation and hope that in the future everything will change.

Psychological dream book

Thanks to dreams, we can better know ourselves, see signals that warn of events that are destined to happen in the future. This is a work of intuition that you may not be aware of in real life.

Psychological interpretations:

  1. The fish that swims in clean and clear water - you have become the chosen one of fate. Therefore, she generously bestows upon you. You can easily get everything you dreamed of. But we must not forget to articulate your desires.
  2. Dead fish is an unfavorable sign that promises the loss of something important to you. You can break up with your partner, lose your job or lose your mental balance.
  3. If a girl saw a living big fish in a dream, she will be happy in her personal life. In the near future, she will meet her chosen one who fits her perfectly.
  4. Catch the fish - to the challenges that you will encounter on the path of life. But you will be able to overcome them all, if you are able to maintain self-control and remain persistent.
  5. Watching fishermen - your energy potential has gone up, so it’s worthwhile to send all your strength to solving important problems. You will easily cope with any business for which you will undertake.

Esoteric dream book

The interpretation of this dream book will appeal to people who love to see a mystic in everything.

Here they are:

  1. If a dream aquarium fish dies - this is an unfavorable sign that promises your child's illness in the near future. Try to treat him more carefully, take him to the doctor.
  2. Goldfish - for the easy fulfillment of the cherished desire. Even if you are desperate to get what you want, everything will work out. The circumstances are on your side.
  3. To treat a friend with salted fish - this person will be healthy and happy. He has a great future, all roads in front of him are open. Take care of him, because after a while he will give you a lot of support.
  4. Rotten fish - you have detractors who will try to do everything possible to harm you. Stay vigilant and do not give in to provocations of enemies, then you will win.
  5. The river, which is teeming with fish - to the onset of a favorable period in life. You will receive more money than usual, acquire new loyal friends and like-minded people, arrange your personal life.
  6. Fish, slipping out of your hands - your carelessness can cause a serious mistake. Get rid of lightheadedness and try to fulfill your responsibilities responsibly, then you will avoid trouble.