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The meaning of the martial name Mark - character, fate and career


The popular theory of the origin of the male name Mark is from the Latin word “hammer”, symbolizing firmness and firmness of character. The name Mark is very common around the world, in some countries it is pronounced differently: Portugal - Marcos, Denmark - Marcus, Italy - Marco, Latvia - Marx, Lithuania - Markas, Poland - Marek, Finland - Markku.

The diminutive form of the name: Markush, Maka, Markukh, Marik, Masya.

According to the Orthodox calendar, Mark marks the day of the angel 25 times a year, every month, except December.


Pros: Endurance, courtesy, caring, hard work.

Cons: Despotism, selfishness, secrecy.


As a child, Mark grows difficult to communicate, until the last time he defends his opinion, even the wrong one, and at the same time does not explain why he decided so. Often naughty, stubborn, requires attention from his family to himself. Unwilling to play alone. Able to manipulate people, knowing their weaknesses. It is undesirable to go shopping with him, without a toy purchased for him you will not leave. There are plenty of energies in Mark, you never get tired of playing outdoor games, always in a company.

School years because of natural restlessness, Mark is given hard, if he still copes with the exact sciences due to his ingenuity, then he frankly floats in the humanities. But it shows incredible success in sports due to its endurance and activity. In addition, Mark likes to go to different circles, especially on vocals, having a different voice from nature. He has excellent intuition, if he can develop them, he can become a visionary. If at the Mark Institute some science hooks, then he can devote all his life to it.

As an adult, Mark has many negative character traits, some of which, like selfishness, he manages to mask behind politeness and benevolence. After careful work on himself, Mark can be an excellent diplomat who can convince people that he is right and make compromises.

With age, the secrecy of Mark will only increase; even his relatives will not know about his thoughts. He is friends only with those who can benefit him in life and work. With age, there appears a desire to collect objects of art. She loves traveling where she prefers to go alone, enjoying acquaintance with new countries, their custom, architecture.


Mark's health is heroic, a cold bypasses him. There is a tendency to depression, nervous breakdowns. Mark is not one of those who avoids the hospital, at the slightest sign of indisposition, he immediately turns to a doctor. Because of this, Mark, to his old age, maintains excellent health.


Work with Mark occupies an important place in life, it is important for him to achieve success in it, to show its importance. May be a great leader in the team, thanks to his talent of diplomacy. It can be a great politician, traveler. Monotonous work will not last long. He is anxious about finances, does not like to give them a loan. If you give, then soon they will require back. By mature years, Mark usually reaches financial well-being.


From an early age, she has been successful with women, whom she changes easily, without recalling the previous one. But to marry them and not thinking, they are for him - a means of entertainment.


The wife chooses an obedient and quiet woman who will never contradict her husband, swing their rights. For him, the main thing is order and comfort in the house, for the sake of it he will contain the whole family properly. He loves his children, but because of workload at work, he gives little time. Usually the children are engaged in the wife.

Compatible with female names


  • Excellent: Veronica, Larisa, Anastasia, Anna, Varvara.
  • The bad: Yana, Xenia, Alice, Victoria, Svetlana.

Horoscope named Mark

Aries - Persistent, unbalanced. Defends his opinion to the last. From conflicts does not get out, but not vindictive. It can be a wonderful husband and father, but life with him will not be easy.

Taurus - Prudent, strong-willed. Calm, he does everything slowly, innovations are not welcome, it is hard to adapt to them. It will make an excellent family man who can provide for his family.

Gemini - Secretive, restless. He likes when he is praised, weak-willed, flighty, restless. In communication, pleasant, easy-going, can quickly pack a suitcase and go on a journey. Family life with him will be difficult to build, can change several wives.

Cancer - Sensitive, touchy. Slowly goes to his goal, avoids responsibility. Likes to delve into their feelings. With difficulty adapts to everything new, marries once and for all.

Leo - Resolute, selfish. Leads a chic lifestyle, because of what is often experiencing financial difficulties. Jealous, does not tolerate when they are pushed around. Marries a modest, calm woman, not giving him a reason for jealousy.

Virgo - Hardworking, decent. He lives by the laws of moral standards, trying not to violate them, love to criticize. At work, he always achieves goals. His wife can become an economical, responsible woman, not accustomed to live in a big way.

Libra - Positive, non-conflict. Possesses the gift of diplomacy, strives for inner harmony, can be lazy, selfish. Married by calculation, for the sake of a prosperous life, much will not be demanded from his wife and children.

Scorpio - Passionate, energetic. Able to manipulate people for their own personal gain. In total in life he achieves his work, never gives up, goes to the end. Marries a submissive woman who does not object to him in anything.

Sagittarius - Idealist, optimistic. For the sake of loved ones will go to all, donate the last money. Loves compliments and praise, they increase confidence in him. A family man will be bad because of his inability to live, but his father will be wonderful.

Capricorn - Purposeful, discreet. He sees life in a real tone, hides his feelings and emotions, is content with little. Will be able to achieve financial well-being. Family for him in the first place, will be an excellent husband and father.

Aquarius - Unpredictable, unsure. He dreams of stability in life, which he does not have. By all means avoids any responsibility. He is thrown from the extreme to the extreme. Women love and change them like gloves, his wife will not be faithful.

Pisces - Compliant, romantic. Resentment can hold for years. Because of the impressionability and vulnerability from the outside may seem a strange man. Love, until he finds the one, can change women until old age.


  • Planet - Venus.
  • The color of the name is Red.
  • Season - Spring.
  • Happy day of the week - Friday.
  • Lucky number is 9.
  • Metal - Platinum.
  • Zodiac sign - Taurus.
  • Element - Water.
  • Totem animal - Yak.
  • Plant - Portulak.
  • Tree - Aralia.
  • Mineral talisman - Porphyrite.

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