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The value of the feminine name Alevtina - fate, character and career


The name Alevtina was born in ancient Greece from the word "reflection", "protection".

The diminutive form of the name: Alya, Alevtinushka, Alevtinka, Alechka, Levtinka, Leva.

There is a male form of the name - Alevton.

Alevtina celebrates her birthday on July 29, according to the Orthodox calendar, on the day of the holy martyr Alevtina, who died in 308 AD.


Pros: Uniqueness, reverie, justice, directness, intercession.

Cons: Unrestrained, self-love, stinginess.


Little Alevtina tries to be loved all the time and to be in the center of attention, sometimes she pushes some people away from herself. Angry when not getting what she wants, jealous, when others pay more attention than she does. Hard to carry criticism to your address. Despite these shortcomings, Alevtina is growing up a good girl, will always help her parents in household chores and will protect her weak friend in front of offenders.

At school, Alevtina is studying moderately, she does not stand out among the other children with grades. Alevtina has the most developed creative talents, she draws well, sings, dances. Often performs in school productions, likes to go to discos. During the school period, Alevtina chooses a hobby that will have a big impact on her future life. Her company is dominated by boys, because Alevtina cannot be friends with girls without breaking into conflicts and pulling the blanket of popularity.

An adult Alevtina has no close friends because of her high self-esteem. Rotates still in the male company, where he likes to smoke and drink for talking on a par with men. In any company, she tries to be a leader, speaks loudly, looks impressive and bright. Often judges people, often even sharply and categorically, that they do not like. Poor tolerates other people's shortcomings. In communication, can throw a caustic barb at the address of the interlocutor. It has punctuality, it is almost never late for meetings.


She grows physically weak, often suffers from various diseases and has an unstable nervous system. In adult Alevtina, nervous breakdowns and depression are not uncommon. She should take care of herself from stress and follow the daily routine.


For life, Alevtina can change several works until she finds hers and, preferably, prestigious. That work was not only interesting, but also well paid. High results Alevtina will achieve in the works. With the team because of its conflict and causticity gets along poorly. If Alevtina can pacify her conflict, then she will be able to rise through the ranks and earn more money.


From early youth around the spectacular Alevtina there are always many admirers with whom she easily finds a common language. If she likes a man, she is the very charm and tenderness. But not for long. When her love for a man passes away, she leaves him without regret and finds the next. Loneliness does not frighten Alevtina.


Alevtina is getting married late, necessarily for a rich and promising man. Ordinary men in ordinary positions are not interested in her. A conflict wife will leave Alevtina, but her husband appreciates her loyalty and ability to arrange her life. Alevtina soulfully revealed only to her husband, who will know all her experiences, thoughts. Alevtina is an excellent cook, she loves to cook exquisite dishes and equip a home according to the latest fashion. Mother from Alevtina is surprisingly very caring and calm, able to endure all the antics of her children.

Male Name Compatibility


  • Excellent: Stepan, Timofey, Ruslan, Konstantin, Yuri, Mikhail, Arseny.
  • The bad: Victor, Maxim, Peter, Gleb, Dmitry.

Horoscope named Alevtina

Aries - Pleasant to talk to, calm. He will listen, give practical advice. He surrounds himself with time-tested friends, and keeps the rest in the category of acquaintances.

Taurus - Confident, optimistic. Positive attitude to life, loves communication, meeting new people, traveling. Poses the monotony of life, tries to somehow diversify every day.

Gemini - Arrogant, loving. Prone to criticism. The company tries to be a leader, rigidly eliminates irresponsible and boorish people from themselves. There are many men in her life.

Cancer - Benevolent, balanced. Fully revealed only in the circle of the closest people. Always come to the rescue, help out with money.

Leo - Inconsistent, susceptible. Her mood changes often, maybe both good and evil in one day. Criticism takes hard. He tries to have so much fun to remember this event for a long time.

Virgo - True, sharp. Always directly says what he thinks about the person. Able to benefit from the right people. Avoids noisy companies, prefers to spend days at home for their hobby.

Scales - Emotional, vulnerable. Friendly to others, knows how to have fun and attract people around you.

Scorpio - Idealist, demanding. It is difficult to get along with her because of these qualities, but a wonderful mother and wife will come out of her.

Sagittarius - Whimsical, irresponsible. You can not rely on it, easily fails in the affairs or request. Only a responsible and serious man can get along with her, who will manage to slightly change her character for the better.

Capricorn - Explosive, unrestrained. She does not know how to restrain her prickly tongue, which is why she has many enemies. But the fans are still more because of her natural charm.

Aquarius - Positive, kind. Gets along with almost all people, respected in their society. Unable to offend the interlocutor, avoids conflict situations.

Fish - Shy, unsure. Hits in the clouds, afraid to take responsibility for themselves. Her husband should be a strong man, able to take on the solution of problems.


  • Planet - the sun.
  • Name color - Brown
  • Season - Winter.
  • Happy day of the week - Friday.
  • Lucky number is 6.
  • Metal - Copper.
  • Zodiac sign - Leo.
  • Element - Fire.
  • Totem animal - Mirror carp.
  • Plant - Angelica.
  • Tree - Poplar.
  • Mineral mascot - Quartz.

Famous people named Alevtina