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Name Day Catherine - the fate, health and character, the value of the name


In ancient Greece, the female name Catherine was pronounced Haikaterine, from the word "immaculate." In some countries, the name Catherine is pronounced differently: in Belarus - Katsyaryna, in Bulgaria - Katerina, in Hungary - Katalin, in Spain - Katarina, in Poland - Katarzina, in France - Katy.

The diminutive form of the name: Katya, Katyushka, Katya, Katrusya, Katyushenka, Katya, Katyukha, Katy.

According to the Orthodox calendar, Catherine celebrates her birthday four times a year.

The name Catherine there is a male form of the name Katolin, popular among Catholics.


Depending on the time of year Catherine was born, her character is different:

  • Winter - Slow, taciturn.
  • Spring - Secretive, suspicious.
  • Summer - Owner, beautiful housewife.
  • Autumn - Demanding, serious.


Little Katyushka grows up as a calm and smiling girl, starts talking and walking early. With ease gets acquaintances and joins the new company. If there is no company for games, then it can play with itself. From early childhood, it is noticeable that Katyusha seeks to stand out among children in behavior, appearance, and character. She does not like to share her toys and things, hides sweets from her siblings. In her company, Katya selects reliable friends on whom she can rely and maintains relations with them until old age.

She studies well at school, thanks to her desire to be the best. It has a phenomenal memory, easily learns long poems. Friends with only the most popular classmates. He loves to dream and can lie for the sake of creating an impression. He loves gifts more than verbal praise. It can tell the truth in the eyes of a person, because of which he often acquires enemies. Anxious about animals, if parents give her a pet, then she will take care of him.

As an adult, Catherine often puts on a mask of inaccessibility because of the lack of confidence in her appearance and character. Catherine is easy to offend and bring to the white-hot. Offenders, she will take revenge. Rarely asks others to help her, tries to rely only on her own strength. The character of Catherine in one day can change several times, regardless of external circumstances. Friends love Catherine for her sociability, goodwill. She is unable to save irritability and aggression - all at once spills out on others. Known for its lack of balance. Despite this quality of character, Catherine lives a full and vibrant life, always surrounded by true friends.


In childhood, she suffers from colds, in her transitional age, Catherine has problems with her nerves because of her unbalanced nature. She quickly gets tired, the body recovers for a long time. Catherine with age due to heredity or metabolic disorders may get fat.


She does not like to work, but knows how to make an impression of a busy and irreplaceable employee. Catherine can not do several things at once, there is a high risk of not performing any of them. If you take on one thing, then it will be the best to fulfill it. She will make a great nurse, teacher, journalist, social worker, agent. She gets along well with the team, but if he dislikes anyone, this person will immediately find out about it.


From early youth, surrounded by fans, but with just anyone will not meet. In choosing a partner, he pays attention to his solvency, mental and sexual attraction to him. He loves sex, can not live without him for a long time, so for a long time alone does not happen.


The husband will choose a wealthy person who will become a faithful wife. She doesn’t like to do housework, her children grow up independently. In difficulties, she never gives up, will not calm down, until she solves the problem. Family marriage with Catherine most often one for life.

Horoscope named Catherine

Aries - Beautiful, maximalist. He wants to achieve everything at once, as a result, she does not succeed. Makes a lot of mistakes in life. Marries a man older than himself.

Taurus - Responsible, refined. He approaches decisions responsibly, brings them to the end. Everywhere is a leader - at work and at home.

Gemini - Sociable, witty. None of the cases will lead to the end, avoiding responsibility. In her life, men change often.

Cancer - Homebody, gentle. Men want to protect and protect her from all bad things. Marry a rich man and live a quiet life with him.

Lion - Outrageous, true. Shocking society as their appearance and behavior. Directly tells people what they think about them. Very popular among men.

Virgo - Confident, purposeful. Goes forward to the goal, loves material wealth and comfort. With respect to men leading.

Scales - Silent, soft. Possesses refined manners, inferior in affairs. He loves short-term novels, is not in a hurry to get married.

Scorpio - Unbalanced, aggressive. He always acts in defiance, creating difficulties for himself. The character will soften in old age.

Sagittarius - Cheerful, trusting. He is optimistic about life, often a victim of deceivers, but believes in good. Dreaming of big and pure love.

Capricorn - Cheerful, sarcastic. Her character changes several times a day from good to evil. In her family, stability is important, both mental and financial.

Aquarius - Idealist, good-natured. She dreams a lot, but doesn’t implement them. May be left alone due to the high demands on her future husband.

Pisces - Tangled, Emotional. Not capable of rational thinking. In her life chaos reigns in everything. He prefers short-term novels.

Male Name Compatibility


  • Excellent: Vladislav, Eugene, Nikolay, Igor, Roman, Sergey, Ruslan, Victor.
  • The bad ones: Kirill, Timur, Ivan, Pavel, Vasily, Yuri, Arseny, Yaroslav.


  • Planet - Jupiter.
  • The color of the name is Blue.
  • Season - Autumn.
  • Happy day of the week - Thursday.
  • Lucky number is 8.
  • Metal - Iron.
  • Zodiac sign - Sagittarius.
  • Element - Fire.
  • Totem animal - Swan.
  • Plant - Lotos.
  • Tree - Cedar.
  • Mineral talisman - Chrysolite.

Famous people named Catherine