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Compatibility of Leo and Cancer - envy in the guise of love


The compatibility of Leo and Cancer is not very favorable, so this is not the best version of the relationship. Their union is only envy in the guise of love, and not sincere feelings. We will understand in more detail.

Compatibility in love

Despite the fact that this union, according to astrologers, is considered quite controversial, Leo and Cancer can be long together. This is a union of two opposites that will constantly be in opposition to each other.

What is characteristic of the relationship of such a pair:

  1. Sensitive tender Cancer, which tends to calm, stability and quiet measured family life, in a society usually quieter than water below the grass. And Lev seeks to be in the spotlight, gain credibility and take a high social status. In this, their attitude towards life differs.
  2. If Leo is not realized in society and affairs, in everyday life he turns into a tyrant and a despot who takes it out on loved ones, taking out discontent and dissatisfaction with his own life. Cancer in such a union will only suffer if it becomes the target for the cruel self-affirmation of a partner
  3. But they can be useful to each other. If Leo is realized, he shares his experience and knowledge, wisdom with a partner. But for some reason he is not grateful, but begins to envy. He genuinely does not understand why Leo is so easy at work, while he is forced to achieve his goals with hard work.
  4. Cooperation in business, work and friendship can be productive and beneficial for both, but it’s extremely undesirable to enter into a relationship. In a business tandem, Cancer will help Leo make the right decisions, thanks to a strong innate intuition. And Lev will give the partner the necessary energy for achievement.
  5. If they start a relationship, then at first everything is very cool. They fall in love with each other strongly enough, and passion does not abate for a long time. But as soon as the novelty of sensations and feelings passes, all the flaws of partners begin to emerge, with which no one is willing to put up.
  6. In the beginning, Leo enjoys the sincere admiration and flattery of Cancer, it motivates and inspires him. Cancer feels very calm and confident in the company of the chosen one. Both enjoy physical intimacy and emotion.

If they decide to get married, then making marriage harmonious and happy is quite difficult. Common goals and sexual compatibility is impossible, and emotionally they are completely unsuitable for each other. Disagreements will begin with petty quarrels and omissions, which will later turn into violent scandals.

Causes of conflict

As we have said, the emotional compatibility in this pair is zero. Cancer often changes mood, he is wounded and inclined to worry over trifles that his decisive, powerful and uncompromising companion is extremely annoying.

None of them knows how to make concessions and show tolerance, they will not please and try to please the partner. On the contrary, everyone will “swing right”, it is difficult to go to reconciliation after a quarrel.

Cancer is unbearable to see how his companion achieves success: growing in a career, gaining prestige in the eyes of others. Everything is easy for Leo, which causes his envy only envy. Because of this, Cancer ceases to admire, sincerity disappears in a relationship.

And devoid of admiration and flattery Lev cools quickly and begins to glance around in search of a more suitable second half. He simply does not notice the modesty and soulfulness of Cancer - this is not what he needs. He wants to see a person who is just as charismatic, impulsive, bright, strong and unpredictable person.

Water and fire elements also have an impact on the relationship of partners. The "Water" of Cancer puts out the bright "fire" of his companion, forcing Leo to be bored and tormented because of the lack of the opportunity to receive bright emotions.

Cancer Woman and Male Lion

This variant of the union is more or less successful. Because the dominant and main in a pair is always exactly Leo. If this is a man, it will be much easier for the partners to agree among themselves and maintain harmony in the relationship.

It’s pretty easy for a girl to adjust to her partner when he is mature enough, experienced, walk up and wants to settle down. But with the young Leo, who has not yet played enough in love, everything is much more complicated.

With luck, a woman will easily create a space for the exploits of her chosen one. He will be able to reveal in this space all his best qualities - generosity, self-confidence and tremendous inner strength.

If Leo can sometimes make compromises, be tolerant, delicate, cautious in his actions and statements, everything will turn out well in a pair. And a woman needs to accept the fact that she is assigned a supporting role.

Cancer man and female lion

The astrological forecast for this pair is disappointing. The man in her is very jealous, he will constantly try to limit the freedom of his chosen one. And she values ​​personal space and independence above all, so she will resist in all possible ways.

It is important for her to constantly bathe in the rays of admiration and get men's attention, so she flirts with all recklessly. Although she doesn’t think about treason, this behavior is incredibly angry with her sensitive and jealous chosen one.

When Cancer finally exhausted from jealousy, he will begin to try to manipulate his companion, "including" the coldness, then, on the contrary, bringing it closer to him. But it will not give any result.

The girl wants to see next to a reliable support, a strong man. He can not give her that, because gradually frustrating.

They can stay together if the woman stops flirting with everyone and the man abandons his attempts to control her. But this is probably only in the union of two mature, adult and experienced people.