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Name Day of Ulyana - meaning, love, destiny and character


The name Ulyana comes from the ancient Roman name Julius, which means "belonging to Julius." According to another version, the name Uliana is translated from Latin as “happiness.” Ulyana forms of pronunciation in different countries: in Greece - Juliani, in China - Uliana, in Romania - Luliana, in Serbia - Juliana, in Japan - Urya. In our time in Russia there is a surge in popularity of the name Ulyana.

The diminutive form of the name: Ulya, Ulechka, Ulyanochka, Ulka, Ulyash, Ulyashka, Lanchik, Lanochka.

In the church calendar, the name Uliana is absent, girls are baptized under the name of Juliana. Angel Day celebrates 13 times a year.


  • The character of Ulyana depends on the time of year of birth:
  • Winter - Kind, quick-tempered, closed, vulnerable.
  • Spring - Open, adventure, simple, non-permanent.
  • Summer - Selfless, gentle, reliable, virtuous.
  • Autumn - Prudent, purposeful, stubborn, reasonable.


Little Uchka grows up to be a calm and obedient child, listens to the advice of adults, loves to help parents with household chores. Parents can be proud of their sensible, cheerful and resolute daughter. She gets along well with the guys, but the leader of the company does not happen. Does not like to clash with friends, always help them in business. Her touchiness is absent, she easily forgives her enemies.

At school, Ulechka, possessing an analytical warehouse, learns well. Due to his perseverance and determination, he copes with complex objects. Can pull in school lagging classmate. Already at this age, Ulya knows who she will work as an adult. In adolescence, Ulyana has a new character trait - distrust of others. His thoughts and secrets does not tell anyone, even close people.

Adult Ulyana remains the same friendly, optimistic, sociable. There are also many friends around her, for the most part, strong, strong-willed, purposeful. Ulyana cuts off the false, weak and cowardly people from her society. Learning not only from their mistakes.


Since childhood, easily catch cold, but also easily and recover. In adulthood, he does not care for his health, he turns to the doctor at the last moment. Due to poor nutrition, Ulyana can have problems with the digestive system and skin.


He chooses a job to his liking, does not seek to build a career, occupy leadership positions. She is a responsible and executive officer who will perform the work efficiently and on time. Never let the team nor the authorities. He tries to avoid physical labor, preferring intellectual. Due to excessive honesty, her business will be hard to build.


Due to the aura of inaccessibility and a great sense of humor, Ulyana is attractive to the male sex who surround her from early youth. Her chosen one will not be bored with her in bed because of her irrepressible fantasy and sexuality, which she hides in public behind a mask of calm. Ulyana does not like fleeting novels, as she adheres to moral principles.


Husbands will not choose a weak and deceitful man. In the family, Ulyana often becomes the main earner, managing both to earn money and keep house. He likes to welcome relatives and friends in his house. If Ulyana’s family turned out to be unhappy, then she will reconcile with this, but she will never forgive her husband for betraying her, she will immediately divorce him.

Horoscope named Ulyana

Aries - Active, purposeful. Looks at life with optimism, does not sit in one place, loves to travel. It strives to dominate everywhere at work and at home, and values ​​its independence.

Taurus - Conservative, feminine. Pleasant to talk to. Work is considered as an object of making money, family puts in the first place. Husband cede leadership.

Gemini - Sociable, sociable. He takes bad criticism, loves to be praised. Often changes jobs, for a lifetime can change friends several times, place of residence. Can not be the perfect housewife.

Cancer - Sensitive, caring. Criticism for a long time knocks her out of the rut, is prone to feelings from scratch. There will be no struggle for the goal, the career will prefer the family. She will leave a very caring mother.

Leo - Spectacular, domineering. She loves to be the center of attention, swim in the glory, loves compliments. Able to attract people to themselves, not false. The work will choose the prestigious.

Virgo - Hardworking, neat. From childhood he knows who he will work with, he treats himself and others with criticism. Hides feelings from everyone, has an analytical mind. Wife can be boring.

Scales - Charming, practical. Dislikes physical labor, avoids responsibility, does not seek to occupy a management position. May change several husbands.

Scorpio - Ambitious, vindictive. Able to protect themselves, can severely take revenge on the offender. There is a predisposition to bad habits, work or family will help her get rid of them.

Sagittarius - Optimistic, lively. Straight and tactless in communication, does not like monotonous work. In the personal life will change a few men. A housewife will leave her unimportant.

Capricorn - Stubborn, ambitious. Realistic looking at the world, thanks to the efficiency, always reaches its goals. Subject to depression.

Aquarius - Sincere, creative. Able to communicate, sometimes secretive. From any situation, find a non-standard way out. Work will choose the soul. Her family will not come first.

Fish - Calm, sentimental. Never raises his voice and does not get involved in conflicts. Has a great sense of humor. Sometimes uncertain, loves money. Marry a rich man.

Male Name Compatibility


  • Excellent: Roman, Stepan, Eugene, Alexander, Mikhail, Konstantin, Timofey.
  • The bad ones: Victor, Alexey, Nikita, Kirill, Fedor, Pavel, Vladimir, Ilya, Vladislav.


  • Planet - Pluto.
  • Name color - Yellow.
  • Season - Autumn.
  • Happy day of the week - Tuesday.
  • Lucky number - 5.
  • Metal - Mercury.
  • Zodiac sign - Scorpio.
  • Element - Fire.
  • Totem animal - Snail.
  • Plant - Melissa.
  • Tree - Maple.
  • Mineral mascot - Yantar.

Famous people named Ulyana