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Compatibility of Sagittarius and Scorpio - envy in the guise of love


Compatibility Sagittarius and Scorpio unfavorable. These partners are very difficult to get along with. Astrologers describe their union as envy under the mask of love. The reason for the difference of elements - water and fire, which are badly combined with each other. We will understand in more detail.

Compatibility in love

This type of relationship is more common with partners of fairly young age. They are still quite young and inexperienced, so they cannot recognize a partner who is able to turn their life into a real hell.

What characterizes the relationship of Scorpio and Sagittarius:

  1. In relations with other signs Scorpio always gets more than it gives. And in this case, the roles are distributed completely differently. This leads to huge envy. The water sign does not understand why the partner refuses to worship and please him. He envies the ease with which Sagittarius goes through life.
  2. Sagittarius is a very cheerful nature. It feels like he doesn't notice any problems at all. Goes through life easily, without straining, wants everything he wants. He is almost always lucky. By this he is attractive to others. But Scorpio, instead of being inspired by the success of a partner and sharing his victories, is only desperately jealous.
  3. Sagittarius rarely draws attention to people like Scorpio. Such a choice of partner is not peculiar to him. But sometimes he decides to try relationships to get a new experience, emotions and feelings that were not there before.
  4. Not everything is as bad as it seems at first glance. They can build and happy relationships. But only if there are common goals that will unite them, when the flame of passion fades away and the first love passes.
  5. Emotions will be many. The difference of temperaments is always interesting. They then gently coo with each other, causing affection from others, then violently quarrel, expressing everything that has boiled over a long time.

After dating, they either immediately diverge, never remembering from each other, or they start dating. Relationships develop rapidly, quickly, passionately. But they can and will also end quickly, if both do not begin to strive to understand and accept the partner as it is.

Causes of conflict

They are already quite difficult together. Therefore, even minor conflicts can cause separation. And if the partners still do not seek to find a common language, then the matter is completely bad.

If you are lucky to get into an alliance with such an incompatible partner, it is important to learn how to competently resolve contentious situations. What can be a source of quarrels in this pair:

  1. The difference between the elements, and, as a result, temperaments - it is always bad for building mutual understanding. They often completely refuse to hear and listen to a partner, but with foaming at the mouth defend their own interests.
  2. The period of love and sweet romance passes quickly. If during this period the partners did not find other points of contact, the matter is bad. Not finding common interests and goals, they will quickly part, cursing each other and regretting that they have spent time on unpromising relationships.
  3. Scorpios often leads to Sagittarius purely physically. They prefer not to wonder whether this is a suitable partner for life, whether they have common goals, interests, whether views on life and interaction with each other converge.
  4. Because of this, in the future he may become disillusioned with his chosen one, realizing that there is nothing uniting them in the union. During this period, Scorpio will begin to look for all sorts of problems and dwell on them, tiring Sagittarius with groundless cavils, jealousy and scandals.
  5. Sagittarius hard in this relationship. He does not tolerate when he begins to make the brain. Therefore, he will try with all his might to get rid of the scandalous and controlling partner who makes too many complaints.

Scorpio Woman and Sagittarius Man

A man in such a pair is quickly tired of constant jealousy and incessant suspicions of the chosen one. Although all this is not without reason - he really gives a lot of reasons for his flirting with other representatives of the fair sex.

Jealousy makes her constantly check her chosen one. She reads his correspondence in the phone and social networks, turning into a manic hysterical. Of course, her behavior this tire quickly tire, and he begins to move away.

The decision to part is made precisely by the freedom-loving Sagittarius, who does not tolerate attempts to impose something and restrict him.

Scorpio man and Sagittarius woman

A man in this union does not just fall in love. He turns his chosen one into an object for worship. Idealizes and does not see a single flaw in it. He likes her sincerity, straightforwardness and strong character so much that he does not want to see the negative sides of nature.

He wants to get her by all means. He seeks to possess her and is doing everything possible to achieve favor. Beautifully caring, gives expensive gifts, surrounds with care and attention.

The girl is so accustomed to attention from the opposite sex, that it is almost impossible to surprise her. Therefore, all the efforts of Scorpio often go unnoticed and unappreciated. She will agree to a relationship with him only if it suddenly turns out that there is no more suitable candidate for the role of life partner in the vicinity.

The forecast of further relations is extremely dysfunctional. A man will be jealous, will try to control everything, will ruin his chosen one with jealousy and will not give absolutely no freedom.

It will sooner or later tire out the freedom-loving nature of the girl-Sagittarius, and she will simply run away, realizing that next to such a chosen one she can lose all her vitality and will forever be in a bad mood.