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Compatibility of Aquarius and Cancer - save yourself, who can


The compatibility of Aquarius and Cancer is unfavorable. And for a watermark, even dangerous. This is a union of the victim and the executioner, in which one partner necessarily suffers, and the second is an abuser and a manipulator. Let's try to figure out whether everything is so bad, and whether there are chances for a happy relationship.

Compatibility in love

This relationship is dangerous for the peace of mind of Cancer. Astrologers characterize the union as a pair of "boa and rabbit", victims and executioner, in which it is the sign of the element of water that suffers. He will have plenty to suffer and be disappointed in the relationship at all.

What is characteristic of such a zodiac union:

  1. Emotional compatibility at the initial stage is high. But the first to fall in love and lose his head Cancer. This will be his fatal mistake - it would be better to stay away from Aquarius. But in such a relationship, Cancer completely loses his head and forgets about the instinct of self-preservation.
  2. If Cancer is quite experienced and has already encountered instances similar to Aquarius, he will step aside and will not respond to attention signs. But the younger one will surely lead and take the path of a destructive relationship.
  3. Cancer for Aquarius is a fun toy, a puppet. What he enjoys and enjoys, honing his partner talents manipulator. He may cause Raku great pain, but he will endure everything, for a long time without paying attention to the partner's shortcomings.
  4. With time, Aquarius begins to annoy the emotional outbursts of the chosen one. He is bored with the constant experiences of the second half. He becomes simply unbearable. The period of painful, dependent relationships begins.
  5. Aquarius arranges for the partner constant manipulations of the type “closer - further”, then admitting him to him and becoming a dear, now pushing him away with coldness and indifference. From such a contrast of emotions in Cancer just blows the roof and he falls into the trap. He is bad and in relationships, and without them is unbearable.
  6. It can be completely different if these people try to build not love, but business or move up the career ladder. Business relationships between them are highly productive. Excellent for the result is influenced by the intuition of Cancer and the intelligence of his partner.

We summarize: it is better not to build relations with this couple. They almost always end with a break. But to make friends and do business is a great idea that will bring good results to both.

Causes of conflict

The main pain and problem of this union is the incompatibility of the elements of the partners. Cancer is too emotional, and Aquarius is cold. The first seems to the chosen one very simple and limited, and the second is an unbearable intellectual and conceit.

In a relationship, both show only their worst qualities, forgetting to develop virtues. They degrade, not progress, when the senses obscure the mind.

Instead of trying to establish mutual understanding, both often prefer to enter the phase of active conflict. As a result, quarrels do not stop, and there is no end to disagreements.

Relationships also suffer from Cancer’s dependence on public opinion. Aquarius, on the contrary, loves, amusing himself, challenging society and looking at the reaction. Because of this, also partners often quarrel.

As soon as the period of love ends and the rose-colored glasses fall off, there will be a matter of weeks to break. Despite all the desire of Cancer to preserve the relationship, he will not be able to keep Aquarius, who lacks bright emotions and a change of scenery.

Possessive feelings of both provoke incessant jealousy. They harass each other with reproaches, carping and constant monitoring. Because of this, they get tired quickly and leave, unable to come at least to some kind of "bad world."

If a miracle happens and they get married, there is still little chance of harmonious relationships and happy love. The stamp on the passport will only mean something to Cancer. Aquarius, on the other hand, will not keep official marriage from adventures on the side, which he will not even try to hide.

Cancer Woman and Aquarius Man

A man will seem that his chosen one is airy and romantic, completely divorced from real life. This seems attractive to him, because he himself despises everything that is everyday, everyday, boring.

On the basis of common dreams and fantasies, they converge. But idyll does not last long. A man prefers to live according to well-defined rules and it is introduced into the stupor by the unpredictability of the chosen one.

He wants to open for her a new world full of emotions and feelings. But the response does not receive. But he begins to notice that the beloved is too fixated on material things. It will seem to him that she uses him for her own selfish purposes.

From this moment begins the discord. There are first conflicts that can not be completed. Discontent is growing like a snowball. The result - a complete break and hatred for each other.

Cancer man and Aquarius woman

A man in this union will fight long and hard for his freedom. He used to shut himself up from all the people around him, without showing his feelings and emotions, carefully guarding his personal space.

A woman will try by all means to violate its borders and invade this space, which causes short temper and irritation. But she will ignore the negative emotions of her chosen one and will start playing with him, setting in motion all the artillery at her disposal.

Such behavior, either diplomatic or sharply ultimatum, provokes an even greater closure of Cancer. He will finally retire into himself, secretly hoping to receive the tenderness and care that he desperately needs.

This struggle will continue exactly until they find a way to shift their focus. Conflicts can end with the birth of a common child or the creation of a common business. If this does not happen, the woman will quickly get bored with her "victim" and she will leave her chosen one, leaving him with a completely broken heart.