Dream interpretation

Compatibility of the Rat and the Bull - two halves of one whole


Compatibility of the Rat and the Bull seems almost impossible. Such a pair causes conflicting feelings, the most important of which is bewilderment. It is not clear what keeps them together. Let's try to figure out whether there is a chance for such partners to preserve love and create harmonious, happy relationships.

Rat and Bull

The girl in such a union is distinguished by prudence and calm character. She is a reliable partner, loyal friend and ally. Looking for the same man who can trust. He must become her support and protection, support and patron.

A man lives up to his expectations at first. He succeeds in adapting to his beloved, which minimizes quarrels and showdowns. She constantly admires him and in every possible way demonstrates his chosenness, shows that he is the best, and she appreciates her choice.

To preserve harmony in such a relationship, the following points are important:

  • A man should refrain from criticism of the chosen one. Such comments deduce her from themselves, because of what she will begin to make scandals and in every way spoil the life of her beloved. In the end, this will inevitably lead to a rupture and the full end of the relationship.
  • It is also important to understand that the main thing in this relationship will be a woman. The last word is always hers. But she needs to restrain herself in trying to manage a partner and change him. He clearly does not like this behavior, which is also fraught with quarrels and disagreements.

If a man can adapt, and a woman tries to be softer and more tolerant, the couple can survive for a very long time, build strong and stable relations with a great future.

Female Rat and Bull Man

Such a pair has every chance of becoming a harmonious and happy union. Together, they make a cozy nest, which is comfortable for both. Both show enough care and affection, ready to make compromises.

They develop together, neutralizing their shortcomings and repeatedly enhancing the merits. It is very important for a man to provide her darling with a comfortable environment in which she can realize her potential and develop femininity.

There is a wonderful emotional compatibility between them, so everything is fine in the sensual sphere. This relationship is full of passion, in which everyone receives the necessary emotions and fulfills the desires of a partner.

An important point to consider: in the event of an argument, a man will never want to take the first step. A woman will have to accept that she needs to throw out the white flag in any problem situation.

Relationship problems

In any union, even the most favorable, quarrels are inevitable. And such a pair will not be an exception. But you can know the probable causes of conflicts in order to circumvent all sharp corners in time.

Cons of the union are as follows:

  1. The bull is a stubborn nature. He considers himself an ideal and does not notice his own shortcomings. Therefore, never wants to change. To avoid quarrels on this basis, it is important to take the Bull as it is, without trying to re-educate and change.
  2. It is also important for the Bull to always be in the first cast. He does not tolerate neglect, he needs a lot of attention, he is an owner by nature. This is important to consider and not to conflict. But he should try to give the partner freedom and not to limit in trifles.
  3. Rat nature amorous. Because of this, she rarely knows how to be faithful to one partner. She may not decide on treason, but will always allow flirting. Her life partner will have to put up with it or not start a relationship at all, because it will not be possible to re-educate the frivolous nature.
  4. Quarrels can occur over money. The bull is wasteful, the Rat likes to save and save. Because of this, there is usually a lot of disagreement. They should agree on who will control the family budget.

For the rest, there are practically no problem points. Enough to deal with the above, and the relationship will always be agreement.

Sex Compatibility

They are well and comfortable in bed. They hear the desires of a partner and are ready to satisfy them. They know how to enjoy and deliver it. They love to experiment, so their sex life will always be diverse and rich.

Business compatibility

This couple can build not only a happy and harmonious relationship, but also create a successful business. And the leader should be the Bull. His responsibility is to generate ideas, build partnerships with investors and eliminate competitors.

And the Rat can become an excellent performer in such a tandem who will carry out all the rough work clearly and painstakingly.

In affairs, it is better for them not to be on an equal footing, because in this case the business will simply fall apart. Proper distribution of roles - the key to financial success.

Friendly relations

They can be wonderful friends, complementing each other. The bull is slow, he thinks and does more than he says. The rat is more active, it will be the ideological inspirer and organizer of joint entertainment.

The bull in such a friendship becomes more defender and patron, so the rat is profitable to communicate with him. But she will always be grateful for the support, sharing in return all the resources she has.

In such a friendship there is no betrayal, it usually lasts for many years and can last forever.

We summarize:

  • Love relationships promise to be very prosperous, high-level compatibility. The same applies to marriage, family and intimate sphere.
  • In business and friendship, they are even more compatible, one hundred percent.

Together, they can become not only lovers, but also friends and partners, create a successful business, love each other and achieve great success in life.