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Compatibility of the Rat and the Horse according to the eastern horoscope


The compatibility of the Rat and the Horse according to the eastern horoscope is considered rather inconsistent. These people may like each other and start a relationship, but what it will lead to is impossible to predict. Consider the features of such a union in more detail.

Compatibility in love

Rat and Horse are able to fall in love with each other at first sight. Between them will be a stormy passion, thanks to the excellent sexual compatibility. But what next? We will understand.

Features of the relationship of these two characters are as follows:

  1. The horse is an impulsive nature, inclined to surrender to one hundred percent of emotions. For her, this union is a great love, coupled with self-sacrifice. She is ready for the sake of the chosen one for everything and seeks to give away all the resources she has.
  2. Rats - a sign of more calculating. She may genuinely fall in love, but, nevertheless, will always keep her head cold and think before doing.
  3. Fate will prepare a couple of tests. If they can overcome them with honor, the fate of the union will be favorable. Otherwise, the separation is inevitable.
  4. The main "landing" of these relations is in the stubbornness of both partners. They seek to defend only their own point of view and do not really listen to a partner. Because of this, compromises in a pair are almost impossible.
  5. Combines their dedication and practical approach to life. There are common interests, opinions and beliefs largely agree. But despite this, it is difficult for them to conduct dialogue in conflict situations.

Responsibility for the fate of the relationship lies more with the Horse. Only she can try to keep passion and not turn communication with a partner into an open confrontation.

Man-Rat and Woman-Horse

In this union, the responsibility for maintaining the relationship lies with the woman. She is able to reasonably assess a conflict situation and find a way out of it. But it is not as easy as it seems.

Most often, it is a woman who initiates conflicts, and then tries to solve them. If, over time, she learns to control her character and not throw a hysteric to her partner, shows wisdom, the relationship can develop safely.

It is very important in such a union that a woman retains a part of her freedom. Therefore, if the elect will control and limit it, the couple will not survive for a long time. Separate rest is shown for this couple so that partners periodically take a break from each other and have time to get bored.

The man in this union is cunning and calculating. He will definitely have “stashes” from his wife. He does not want to fully invest the money earned in the family budget.

It is imperative partners do not put pressure on each other. They must learn to respect the person who is nearby, to give him the right to personal freedom. Let go communicate with friends, allow them to have their own interests and hobbies.

Sooner or later, the passion subsides. And so that this does not become a fatal period for a relationship, partners should take some time off from each other. For example, go on a trip separately.

Male Horse and Female Rat

Such a variant of relations is considered more favorable according to the eastern horoscope. It takes much less effort from partners to save love.

Man-Horse - a responsible person, hardworking and purposeful. He will do everything possible so that his family does not need anything. Will work for wear if required.

But for him it is extremely important that her companion in return should give him gratitude, give inspiration and believe in him, support him in difficult periods of life. Then he will turn mountains for her.

Relationship downturn - in a man's egoism He is often fixated only on himself and does not pay enough attention to his beloved. It is important for him to learn to listen to the desires, experiences and pretensions of the second half.

The female rat is calculating and a little bit duplex. If she deceives her partner, a cross can be put on the relationship, because everything secret will sooner or later become apparent. Only honesty will save their union, preserve harmony, love and mutual respect.

Relationship problems

It is important to understand what moments in a relationship are problematic. This knowledge will help to successfully resolve conflicts and develop together, making the union more harmonious and happy.

What are the "landing" in this pair:

  1. Unwillingness of partners to yield to each other. They will constantly stand their ground, not wanting to take into account the views and desires of a partner. This is the main stumbling block. It is necessary to learn to seek and find compromises in order to prevent separation.
  2. Horse - dreamy nature. He constantly dreams of incredible achievements, sets high goals. But they are not always achievable. It is important for the rat to return the chosen one from heaven to earth in time, while not belittling his self-esteem and without criticizing.
  3. They never quarrel quietly. Any conflict is a real war and open confrontation. Therefore, it is important to prevent the development of quarrels to scale. Otherwise, the gap is inevitable, and very painful for both.
  4. A rat is not always sincere, which is detrimental to both. If the elect exposes her to deception, you can put a cross on the relationship. Therefore, it is important for her to strive to be honest in all situations, even if it is not very profitable for her.

Mutual honesty, the desire to hear each other and the willingness to compromise is the most important thing for which partners should strive. Only then their union will be happy, harmonious and filled with sincere love.

Sexual compatibility

Despite the strong passion that occurs between partners almost instantly, problems in bed can still be. The reason lies in the egoism of the Horse. People of this sign often think only of themselves, not wanting to listen to the wishes of their partner, without giving him enough tenderness and attention.

It is very important that the main thing in bed is the Rat, then this part of the relationship will not suffer and the partners will always be desired for each other.

We summarize: the union of the Rat and the horse is not the easiest. But there is a chance for a successful development of relations if both partners try and build all possible efforts.