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Horoscope for Taurus for November 2018: difficulties can be overcome


Autumn cold and bad weather will introduce Taurus into sadness and melancholy. Lack of energy and motivation will impede business management and important issues. Some representatives of the sign of the earth will be covered by a lyrical mood, which also does not contribute to the promotion of affairs in the sphere of work and finance. The horoscope for Taurus for November 2018 foreshadows an unsuccessful period in the life of signs of the earth and advises not to waste strength in vain. It is better to devote this time to self-analysis and rest.

November General Trends

Autumn sadness will fill the soul and heart of Taurus, bringing nostalgia for beauty and contemplative mood. Many of the wards of Venus will want to write poetry, to plunge into the atmosphere of romance with his head. Astrologers advise not to schedule important matters, meetings and negotiations for November: you are still not able to objectively perceive the situation and soar in the clouds. Vigorous activity will take away a lot of mental and physical strength, leaving behind emptiness and disappointment.

Despite the protection of reputable people, the wagon will be there now. Do not trust everyone, many people can simply use you for personal gain, creating the appearance of friendship and mutual aid. Decade from 14 to 20 is considered to be especially dangerous - you can be deceived and misleading. There will be an unpleasant period of clarifying relations with relatives due to inheritance or real estate, up to court proceedings.

Walking on instances, the collection of numerous documents, the payment of loans and tax obligations as an avalanche of bullying Taurus and put in a state of stupor. Take time to relieve yourself of tension and not despair. Astrologers recommend resolving all financial matters until the middle of the month, otherwise there will be complete confusion.

Adverse days in November - 1, 7, 14, 16, 21, 22, 25, 30.

The middle of the month, starting on the 17th, will present unpleasant surprises with respect to the signed papers and documents: they will have to be redone again. This state of affairs is due to a misunderstanding of the situation and a multitude of mistakes, as well as unfavorable circumstances. During this period, you may lose the support of the right people for a wide variety of reasons. All this can lead to a breakdown of health and even illness, so try to control yourself and relax in time.

Love and family

Do they really expect trouble on the personal front? Your lyrical mood will positively affect the relationship with the second half, and the lonely Taurus will attract potential fans.

Try not to limit the personal freedom of your loved ones to excessive control, so that they too can feel happy.

This period will be devoted to the arrangement of joint housing, family events and wedding celebrations. In connection with this, financial expenses are also expected. Some Taurus will have to move to another city or country in order to connect with his half. It will be a troublesome, but pleasant time.

Parents also need to take care of children: now is the time to record a child in a circle or studio to fill his life with new impressions and instill useful skills.


Unfortunately, the financial situation in November tends to its worst figure. This is due to high spending, payment of debt and even theft. Try to reasonably approach the financial issue and not spend all available funds.

However, it is this month that you can break the big score by investing money in investments correctly. Taurus will balance between collapse and enrichment, many will be lucky with the inheritance. Astrologers advise to maintain prudence and utmost attentiveness.


In the workplace, positive trends can emerge if you can maintain good relationships with colleagues and partners. Taurus important calm and business climate at work, so you can turn to its fullest and increase productivity.

Partnerships in November will be tested for strength.

However, it is unlikely that an agreement can be reached on financial matters in November - everything will be against it. Stars do not have a favorable solution to financial problems, you need to wait for a more favorable period. Also, the situation in the resolution of controversial issues is unfortunate - it is necessary to postpone making decisions at least until December.

Astrologers do not advise to exacerbate conflicts, because of this, you can lose your job.

Try to distance yourself from the imminent conflict by any means, so as not to bring the matter to serious trials. Do not try to pierce the concrete wall with your forehead - just bumps or hurt your head. It is better to make any compromise or disappear from the view of the opponent.


Autumn bad weather and the threshold of winter frosts make their adjustments to the life of Taurus. At risk are the elderly and children, as well as people with chronic diseases. Therefore, astrologers are not advised to get involved in alcohol, which undermines the already weakened immunity. During this period, you need to use already proven drugs, do not experiment with new pills and potions. The probability of a mistaken diagnosis is high.

In November, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity may experience problems with dry skin. Therefore, pay special attention to their appearance and health. In addition to moisturizing procedures do not forget to replenish the supply of vitamins and minerals, which largely depends on the condition of your skin and overall health. Prefer vitamin teas instead of lemonade and other artificial drinks.