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The value inherent in a fox tattoo in tattoo art


The value of a fox tattoo can vary in its interpretations, since there are different characteristics and associations relating to this mysterious and diverse symbol. You can learn more about the symbolism of the fox from the following material.

General information about tricky chanterelles

The fox is an extraordinarily prudent and cunning nocturnal predator, which is very difficult to trap. Each nation has its own special attitude to the red cheat - or chanting it, or contempt for its qualities.

As a rule, the tattoo, which depicts a fox, is performed by the fair sex. Mostly they give preference to sketches of fox tattoos, made in a typical color scheme for this animal. And often tattooed on the leg, shoulders, forearms, shoulder blades, or on the sides.

Historical background of the fox

The Chinese associate the red cheat with longevity, good luck, it was a good talisman. According to the famous Chinese proverb, "where there is no fox, there cannot be a village founded there."

The white fox symbolized abundance and wealth among the inhabitants of Japan, and also acted as a real envoy from above. Tattoo with a fox in these countries will tell about the desire for self-development and self-improvement, the development of contemplation and their entrepreneurial qualities.

Scandinavians perceive the fox as the sacred living creature of the cunning and disobedient god Loki. Also in Scandinavia, the fox correlated with midwives, soothsayers and healers.

In the Celtic culture, the fox tattoo was a guardian against theft, fire and a dangerous road.

In ancient Romans, the fox is a demon of fire and a messenger of hell.

In ancient Egyptians, the fox was associated with hypocrisy, deceit, frivolity, depravity and debauchery. This characteristic of the fox tattoo is suitable for girls who want to focus on their playfulness, eroticism and sex appeal.

Fox tattoo value

Tattoo fox, taking into account the different values ​​of the image of this animal in different nations, has a diverse meaning. For the most part, girls with high self-esteem, capable of performing tricks and using various tricks when they need to get what they want, will choose the fox-head tattoo. This characterizes them as quite extraordinary personalities.

In addition, a fox tattoo can make a person think about erotica and passion, characterizing the owner of such a tattoo as a dangerous seductress who carries with her. In most cases, this option tattoo is used by the fair sex, who can boast of experience in different areas of life.

However, the fox tattoo is chosen not only by the ladies, but also by the men. If the representative of the stronger sex is ambitious, independent, courageous, resourceful, has good wit and easily solves any situation, then with the help of such a tattoo it will be possible to place even greater emphasis on all these qualities.
It is impossible to speak unequivocally about the symbolism of a fox in a negative or positive context. This animal is distinguished by self-interest, cunning, cunning, selfishness, ambition, thrift, as well as intelligence, independence, pride, diligence, ability to use original non-standard solutions. Therefore, a tattoo with the image of a red animal is chosen by those people who to some extent possess these qualities.

By its value, the fox tattoo is very suitable for girls, because their nature resembles this cunning animal.

In the art of tattoo, you can find an image of tattoos with a fox in the following variations:

  • Fox grins - a symbol of aggression and anger
  • The fox curled up - the personification of vulnerability, concern, family ties
  • The fox, which has very cunning eyes, will tell about deceit, malice and curiosity
  • A fox that bends beautifully - tells about sexuality, playfulness, seduction and seduction
  • In addition, the image of a fox is usually decorated with various elements and objects that are designed to tell about its qualities.

For example, when they want to emphasize the positive qualities of this beast, they depict it in glasses or with flowers. If a fox smokes a cigar or a smoking pipe, it is associated with meanness, insinuation, and deceit. There are a lot of variations of performance and meaning of fox tattoo, in this case your imagination plays a big role.

Where to put a tattoo and what size should it be?

In this case, size is important. If you come to the tattoo parlor and bring the image on which the fox is drawn as living, but you want to make a smaller version of the tattoo, you will most likely encounter a failure. On a small area of ​​the body can not be plausible image. If you dream of a realistic image, then the tattoo should be large enough.

Also, very carefully choose the sketch of the tattoo, because it can be done in a huge version of the styles: realism, old school, watercolor, black and white, Japanese and so on. Here your fantasy with desires plays a huge role. Before deciding to perform a tattoo, it is shown to consult an expert, who will tell you everything about the correct choice of the sketch, the place and the most relevant trends for today.

Who is suitable fox tattoo?

It should be made to those of the fair sex, which are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • high mindset;
  • easy to find a solution to any problems. Whatever question arises in the life of the owner of a fox tattoo, she will definitely find a way out, making it as creative as possible;
  • with sex appeal - those representatives of the fair sex who are impressed by the sly chanterelle, attract the attention of men, their appearance makes them lose their minds in the strong half of society. At the same time it is not necessary that they look defiant;
  • by grace - feminine in all its manifestations - they are girls who like a fox tattoo;
  • flexibility and grace;
  • indifference to gossip. Although the chanterelle in fairy tales has always been at the center of the latest news and events, the owner of such a tattoo does not gossip because it is beneath her dignity;
  • desire to stand out from the gray mass - fox tattoo will be one of the girls trumps in this case, but, of course, not the only one. She really likes the different decorations that add to her image of piquancy.

Note! If you first put a fox tattoo on the body first, but you dream of even more color and variety, a bold combination of this image with other image variants is allowed, because the fox's meaning is in harmony with many other symbols.

The fair sex will love the combination with:

  • Other living beings. This may be an alliance with predators (for example, a wolf, an owl, a bear, or a prey - a hare). The tattoo in this case can be both color and black and white.
  • Plants. Using greenery the master will easily focus on the entire brightness of the picture.
  • Semantic expressions. Please note that a person with a fox tattoo will never allow rebellious behavior. In the case of supplementing a fox tattoo with phrases, first of all, focus on words that have a deep or double meaning to emphasize fox's qualities such as cunning and intelligence.
  • Ethnic details. A remarkable option to complement the black and white fox or fox, made in a geometric direction.
  • Decorative elements. Using a crown or tandem with diamonds is a win-win solution that will focus on the interesting character of the tattoo owner and show how much she appreciates herself.

In conclusion

It is impossible to say unequivocally that the character of the fox is bad or good. On the one hand, it means longevity and wealth, and on the other - cunning and ambition. Tattoo fox often expresses the peculiarities of the nature of its owner and this is the main factor in the process of choosing this tattoo.

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