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Favorable days for a manicure on the lunar calendar in 2019


Beautiful nails are an important element of a well-groomed and elegant woman. By the way, there are also representatives of the stronger sex, who, having rejected prejudices, put their hands in order. However, in addition to their own health and various cosmetics, the location of the moon also affects the condition of the nails.

From its location depends on the effectiveness of any manipulation of the nails. I always follow the lunar calendar in order not to harm my health. In the article I want to tell you when in 2019 it is best to do a manicure, and when it is better to refrain from procedures.

How the moon affects the health of nails

To have a spectacular and feminine appearance, any woman has to put a lot of effort. If you follow the recommendations of the lunar calendar, the task is much simpler.

It has long been known that cutting the length of nails can get rid of setbacks, negative karma and attract happiness. Of course, these effects are achieved only if the procedures are performed at a favorable time.

The phase of the moon, the lunar day and the zodiacal constellation in which the Queen of the Night is located, have a strong influence on the effectiveness of the manipulations with the nails. On favorable days, a manicure will not only last for a long time, but also heal the karma of its owner. Made in bad days, it can bring bad luck. In addition, damage to the nail plate is also likely.

A bit of history

The hands of a woman are one of the most significant attributes of female attractiveness. This has been known since ancient times. More than 5 thousand years ago, representatives of the highest nobility used gold tools for nail care. And this already means a lot.

On the nail plate applied decor women of all nationalities in different eras. So, in China, used wax, egg whites, extracts from animal bones, flower petals and much more.

Nail polish as we know it, first appeared on the shelves at the very beginning of the 20th century in America. He was sequined and lasted only a day, but it was a breakthrough in the field of nail art.

As the technology improved, the quality of the varnish improved. He began to serve much longer. In addition, new colors appeared, a means for removing decorative coatings appeared. The latter is very pleased fashionistas, because now they could change the design of nails as often as they would like.

Today, women can take care of their nails at home or use the services of specialists. However, in any case, you should pay attention to the advice of the lunar calendar, which tells you exactly when the manicure will be done in the most successful way.

Nail care during the week

In addition to the lunar cycle, the day of the week in which the manicure is done also affects the effectiveness of the procedure. Every day has its own energy. For example, Monday is considered a day of health, and therefore all manipulations with the body will most favorably affect it. Thursday is also a good day, as it is considered the day of the update. However, each person chooses which day to carry out the procedures for nail enrichment:

  1. Monday. As mentioned above, this is the day of health or the moon. Manicure is to some extent considered a wellness procedure, and therefore doing it on Monday is a good solution. Care on the first day of the week for the nails helps to prevent diseases of the small pelvis.
  2. Tuesday. This day is patronized by Mars. If you cut your nails on Tuesday, then with them you will get rid of trouble. Also manicure, made on Tuesday, is conducive to combating headaches and diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  3. Wednesday. Day of Mercury, which is responsible for order. Having made a haircut of nails on this day, you will remove the confusion from your thoughts and life. Also a manicure on this day contributes to an increase in working capacity, an increase in self-confidence and calmness.
  4. Thursday is under the influence of Jupiter. A manicure done during this period will take a lot of pleasure. Since this is a time of renewal, you will get rid of old problems and doubts along with everything, but you will get a portion of positive energy. And also a manicure made on Thursday promotes healing of the liver, which is symbolic, because it is the only organ capable of self-healing.
  5. Friday patronizes Venus. Despite the fact that Venus is the goddess of love and beauty, it is not worth planning a visit to the salon on this day. On this day, the body has a slower metabolism and any procedures can lead to a breakdown. True, it rather refers to a strong half of humanity. But ladies can become more attractive and "divine."
  6. Saturday is influenced by Saturn. On this day, it is recommended to get rid of all the excess, including nails. True, evening is not the best time for this, as the influence of Saturn is waning. Therefore, all procedures are best carried out until 18 hours.
  7. Sunday is the day of the Sun. On this day, it is generally not recommended to make manipulations with your appearance, and even more so - to cut something. This will negatively affect well-being and financial well-being. So move the trip to the salon on Monday or Thursday.

Zodiac signs

Not only the day of the week affects the effectiveness of nail manipulations. Its effect on the benefits of the procedures depends on the constellation of the Zodiac. To find out whether it is worth signing up to a beauty salon or picking up nail scissors, look at the sign in which the night light is located.

Aries and Taurus

Neutral time for a manicure. To find out if you should pick up a manicure set on this day or sign up for a beauty salon session, pay attention to the day of the week.


Extremely unfavorable period for the care of nails and decorative manicure. This is a very active and sociable sign, and therefore all procedures will be accompanied by haste, which is fraught with damage to the nail plate. It is necessary to transfer the planned procedure to a different day.


Also extremely unfavorable time for a manicure. The nails trimmed during this period will break, exfoliate. Perhaps the appearance of fungus and other ailments.

a lion

This sign represents perfection itself. The moon, being in it, contributes to the improvement of all undertakings. Therefore, manipulations with marigolds made during this period will be very successful. Leo contributes to the realization of creative potential and come up with your own original nail design.

Virgo and Libra

During this period, it is recommended not only to do a manicure, but also to carry out therapeutic procedures: hot softening baths, massage, cut off the corns and much more.

Scorpio and Sagittarius

Favorable time to visit the beauty salon and treatment procedures. However, with hot baths should be careful, as this is fraught with injuries.


This sign protects the skin and nails. When the moon enters this constellation, you can make any manipulations with the nails - cut, build, paint. All procedures will be painless and will bring only pleasure.


During this period, you can treat any damage to the skin and do any manipulations with the nails:

  • cut;
  • ramp up;
  • paint;
  • to heal.


Neutral period for manicure. You can take care of your nails, but you should try to avoid damage. Any scratch is fraught with inflammation. In addition, you should not experience new cosmetics, as it is possible the manifestation of allergies.


Making conclusions based on the above, we can say: