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Orthodox Saints: a list of years of life


The history of the formation of Orthodoxy in Russia is inextricably linked with a number of individuals who have dedicated their lives to the true worship of God with the execution of all divine laws. Strictly following the prescriptions of religion, these people deserved Divine Grace and the title of Orthodox saints for their selfless service to the Almighty and intercession for the entire human race before him.

The list of godly personalities who have become famous for their righteous deeds or who suffered for the faith of Christ is truly inexhaustible. Nowadays, it is also updated with new names of pious Christians, canonized by the church. The attainment of holiness by the devotees of spiritual perfection can be called a great difficulty, coupled with the burden of overcoming base feelings and vicious desires. Creating a divine image in itself requires tremendous effort and painstaking work, and the feat of the Orthodox saints awakens admiration in the souls of true believers.

On icons depicting the righteous, their head is crowned with a halo. It symbolizes the Grace of God, the enlightened face of a person who has become holy. This is a gift from God, warming the soul with the warmth of spirituality, pleasing the heart with divine radiance.

The Hierarchy of the Wonderworkers Fathers of the Orthodox Church

With the prayers in the churches and prayers, the clergy, together with the believers, glorify the image of the earthly life of the righteous according to their rank or rank. Taking into account the accomplished deeds during life or the reasons for leaving to the other world, the pages of the pious people are listed in the pages of the Orthodox calendar compiled by the Russian Orthodox Church.

  • Prophets This is the name of the Old Testament saints, who are endowed with the gift of anticipating future events. The prophets chose the Most High, they were called to prepare the people for the adoption of Christianity.
  • Apostles call the best followers of the Lord. Of these, 12 saints are called approximate, the ranks of the graduates of the King of Heaven comprise 70 righteous people.
  • The pious men referred to in the Old Testament, who were distantly related to our Savior, belong to the Forefathers.
  • Righteous men or women, who took the monastic rank (monasticism), are called reverend.
  • The status of great martyrs or martyrs is endowed with God-pleasing, who died a martyr's death for the faith of Christ. Servants of the church belong to the rank of martyrs, sufferers in monasticism - martyrs.
  • Among the Blessed are pious, who have become insane for Christ's sake, as well as travelers without a permanent dwelling. For obedience, such people were bestowed with God's mercy.
  • Illuminators (Equal-to-the-Apostles) call the righteous, whose acts contributed to the conversion of peoples to the Christian faith.
  • Passion-bearers or confessors call pious believers who have been persecuted and imprisoned for their commitment to the Savior. In the world, such Christians have died in agony.

Prayers to holy saints are associated not only with the veneration of God's companions, but with appealing to them for their own help. Providing divine honors and worshiping anyone other than the true and only God is forbidden according to the Holy Scriptures.

List of the most revered saints of the Orthodox Church by the years of their life

  • The Apostle Andrew the First-Called is among the 12 disciples of Christ chosen by him to preach the gospel. The status of the First-Called Disciple John the Baptist received because he first responded to the call of Jesus, and also called Christ the Savior. According to legend, he was crucified around the year 67 on a special cross, later called St. Andrew’s. December 13 - the day of worship by the Orthodox Church.
  • Saint Spyridon of Trimifuntsky (207-348 g) became famous as a miracle worker. The life of Spyridon, elected bishop of the city of Trimifunt (Cyprus), was passed in humility and calls for repentance. The saint was famous for many miracles, including the revival of the dead. A supporter of the exact observance of the words of the Gospel passed away while reading a prayer. The faithful keep the icon of the wonderworker at home to find the grace of God, and on December 25 they honor his memory.
  • Of the female images, the most revered in Russia is the Blissful Matrona (1881-1952 g). The Orthodox saint was chosen by God to good deeds even before her birth. The hard life of the righteous was permeated with patience and humility, miracles of healing, documented in writing. Believers are applied to the relics of the Passion-Bearer, kept within the walls of the Intercession Church, for healing and salvation. The day of worship by the church is March 8.
  • The most famous of the righteous, Nikolai Ugodnik (270-345 g) is on the list of great hierarchs as Nikolai of Myra. Being a bishop, a native of Lycia (Roman province), he devoted his whole life to Christianity, pacified the warring, defended innocently condemned, worked wonders of salvation. Believers turn to the icon of St. Nicholas the Pleasant for spiritual and physical healing, patronage for travelers. The church honors the memory of the wonderworker with prayers on the day of December 19th in the new (Gregorian) style.

Prayer to Nikolai the Assistant for help:

After the desired is realized, it is important to offer a prayer of thanksgiving to the saint:

Touching the miraculous relics kept in the Catholic monastery of the city of Bari (Italy) blesses the believers with healing. You can address a prayer to Nikolai the Pleasant in any place.

The emphasis of Orthodox teaching is based on the spiritual principle of purposeful movement towards the attainment of holiness throughout a sinless life. An important advantage of holiness in Orthodox teaching in constant communion with God is the apostles, who are in the Kingdom of Heaven.

List of Saints of Russian Orthodoxy, canonized in the XIX century

Naming of the saint (worldly name)Holiness statusCanonic OverviewDay of RemembranceYears of life
Seraphim of Sarov (Prokhor Moshnin)Rev.The great ascetic and wonderworker predicted that his death "will be revealed by fire"January 21754-1833
Ksenia of Petersburg (Ksenia Petrova)Blessed righteousA wandering nun of a noble family who became the fool for Christ’s sakeFebruary 61730-1806 (approximate date)
Ambrose Optinsky (Alexander Grenkov)Rev.The great deeds of the Optina elder are connected with the blessing of the flock for godly deeds, the guardianship of the women's monasteryOctober 231812-1891
Philaret (Vasily Drozdov)PrelateThanks to the Metropolitan of Moscow and Kolomna, the Christians of Russia heed the Holy Scriptures in RussianNovember 191783-1867
Feofan Vyshensky (George Govorov)PrelateThe theologian distinguished himself in the field of preaching, voluntarily chose retreat to translate ascetic booksJanuary 181815-1894
Pelageya Diveevskaya (Pelageya Serebrennikov)BlissfulThe nun became Christ for the fool for the testament of Seraphim of Sarov. For the feat of foolishness was subjected to persecution, beating, was chained12th of February1809-1884

The act of canonizing righteous Christians can be both general church and local. The foundation is holiness in life, the accomplishment of miracles (in vivo or in death), incorruptible relics. The result of the ecclesiastical confession of a saint is expressed in a call to the flock to venerate the righteous by prayers during public services, and not by remembrance. The ancient Christian church did not carry out the procedure of canonization.

List of pious righteous who received the order of holiness in the XX century

The name of the great ChristianHoliness statusCanonic OverviewDay of RemembranceYears of life
John of Kronstadt (John Sergiev)Righteous manIn addition to preaching and spiritual writing, Father John healed the hopelessly sick, was a great seerDecember 201829-1909
Nikolay (John Kasatkin)Equal of the ApostlesThe bishop of Japan spent half a century engaged in missionary work in Japan, spiritually supporting Russian prisonersFebruary 3rd1836-1912
Vladimir (Vasily Bogoyavlensky)MartyrThe activities of the Metropolitan of Kiev and Galitsky was associated with spiritual enlightenment to strengthen Orthodoxy in the Caucasus. He was martyred during the persecutions of the church.The 25th of January1848-1918
Royal personagesThe Passion-BearersThe members of the royal family, led by the sovereign Nikolai Alexandrovich, who were martyred during the revolution4th of JulyCanonization was confirmed by Russia in 2000
Tikhon (Vasily Belavin)PrelateThe life of His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia was associated with the glorification of the faces of the saints. Confessor missionary in America, opposed the persecution of the Orthodox ChurchMarch 251865-1925
Siluan (Simeon Antonov)Rev.Descending from the monastic way, he served in the army, where he supported his comrades with wise advice. Having taken the veil, he retired to the monastery to gain an ascetic experience in fasting and prayer.11 September1866-1938

In Orthodox literature, there is a special genre that describes life and exploits of people who lived in holiness. The life of the saints is not secular chronicles, but life stories written in accordance with church canons and rules. The first records of the events of the life of holy ascetics were made at the dawn of Christianity, then they were formed into calendar collections, lists of days honoring the blessed memory of saints.

According to the admonition of the Apostle Paul, the preachers of the word of God should be remembered and imitated by their faith. Despite the fact that the saints of the righteous who are worshiped by the holy church respect the care of another world.

For high morality and holiness, throughout the history of Orthodox Russia, God's grace has been bestowed on people with a pure heart and a shining soul. They received the heavenly gift of holiness for their righteous acts, their help to people living on earth is invaluable. Therefore, even in the most hopeless situation, go to church, pray to the holy saints, and you will get help if the prayer is sincere.