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Interesting horoscopes for the 2018th year on the sign of the zodiac and year of birth


How sometimes it is tempting to find out what the future hides from us! It is not surprising that people from ancient times invented different ways to lift the curtain of the future at least a little. The relevance of fortune telling, horoscopes and other unconventional methods only increases. Therefore, if you, like me, “wish to know what will be”, I offer you an interesting horoscope for the 2018th year by the signs of the zodiac and by year of birth.

General trends of 2018

Year of the Dog promises to pass in very interesting trends. As for the socio-political sphere of life, then in 2018, it is likely that leaders and ideologies relating to the renewal of society will change.

During 2018, the planet Jupiter will be in a favorable aspect in the constellation Scorpio, and the planet Saturn in the Zodiac sign Capricorn. This will lead to a harmony between state power, public order and ethnic characteristics.

Finding the Rising Lunar node in the constellation of Leo will contribute to a more successful demonstration of their talents and a better change in their destiny.

This means that in 2018, for workable, practical, and creative individuals, the possibility of obtaining public recognition opens up. Often during the Dogs, people begin to receive the fruits of their past social achievements, because they were loyal, steadfast, showed goodwill and acted in justice.

The most important thing is for you to establish real and feasible tasks for yourself, select worthy partners, because then material success and stability will be much easier for you.

According to the Eastern horoscope, the Dog is a very faithful and honest sign, who will not accept the betrayal and deceit and will surely punish the guilty, and in a rather serious form.

During 2018, significant material changes are foreseen, which will concern political as well as social and economic public life. The introduction of new laws relating to land, construction, stabilization of the currency situation, as well as currency changes are not excluded. Back in the year, Dogs are often strengthened or reoriented finances, as, for example, happened in 1994 or 2006 (the actual completion of the preliminary reforms started in 2002).

You can not worry about serious financial upheavals - they probably will not be in 2018, so businessmen will feel more confident in various social structures.

Dogs will be the “favorites” of the year for people who are distinguished by their natural friendliness and sincerity. Therefore, try not to show hypocrisy even in cases when you communicate with very unpleasant personalities for you.

One more piece of advice for the 2018th year - feel free to set about doing any work, because the Dog rushes into battle without thinking about the consequences. This year, the earth element is most pronounced, it belongs to the field of traditions and laws, for this reason, in the Year of the Earth Dog it is necessary to strictly observe its principles.

Although Dog and not too seduced by the changes, she does not feel the desire to change his booth for a crystal castle, but for her part will make every possible effort to improve the living conditions of each person. Also be sure to be creative in any occupation this year. Even if you have a not very promising job, you can achieve success with a little imagination.

People practicing mental activity will face many projects and discoveries this year. The hardworking and active patroness of the year manages to find lessons for the soul, she is always focused on luck and is ready to give her help to everyone who does not doubt her success. But you, for your part, should make considerable efforts to radically change your habits and worldview. If your soul is not against such innovations, then act, because the Dog likes bold and determined personalities.

As for the love sphere of life, in 2018, bright romantic meetings, acquaintances and dates are foreseen. Married couples will be able to face the next honeymoon, which will stretch over the next year. The dog is the patron saint of family values, so the families created in her year promise to be very happy.

During the 2018, it is also important to devote as much time as possible to your relatives and friends, to spend the maximum of your time with them, to express all your problems and sorrows and to work together to solve difficult life tasks. Exceptionally with the help of such tactics you will not lose heart, and you will be able to continue vigorous movement forward.

What to expect specifically for you from the Year of the Dogs - you can learn about it from the horoscope proposed below for the 2018th year for each sign of the zodiac. It describes the features of the most significant areas of your life - career, love, health and finance.

Horoscopes for the 2018th year for all signs of the zodiac

Horoscope for Aries

Most of 2018, Jupiter is in the eighth house, which is responsible for extreme situations and inheritance. Then the planet moves to the ninth house, responsible for distant surroundings, philosophy and travel.

The year promises people-Aries successful raising of funds, as well as their skillful use, which will help to get a good profit. It is possible that you enter into a marriage of convenience or receive an inheritance.

Success can be achieved by all those Aries who are associated with financial transactions - bankers, investors, accountants, stock brokers, advisers or intermediaries. And the second successful area of ​​life will be intimate relationships. In 2018, Aries is inherent in some special magnetism, plus there will be a desire to show your remarkable sexual abilities that will lead your soulmate to unprecedented delight.

But this, of course, does not mean at all that you will be able to lie on the sofa, doing nothing. All year you will be forced to exercise stamina and believe in your personal strength.

From the fifteenth of May, 2018, the planet Uranus near Aries is in the second house, which will make their financial situation somewhat unstable. We'll have to face both regular highs and lows.

All the twelve months of 2018, the planet Pluto near Aries resides in the tenth house - responsible for personal success and career. It is in these areas of life you are waiting for the most significant changes.

Horoscope for Taurus

In 2018, before the ninth of November, at the Taurus planet, Jupiter is in the seventh house - the house of personal life. And then it moves to the eighth house - the house responsible for finances, inheritance and extreme situations.

Therefore, the stars promise Taurus calm and happy personal life. Lonely representatives of the sign will receive an excellent opportunity to enter into a marriage for love, which at the same time can be quite profitable and financially.

And if you previously had problems relating to issues of marriage or personal life - now you will get a long-awaited opportunity to relax, because everything will finally work out. You and your other half can fully enjoy your relationship.

In the financial sphere of life in November, when the planet Jupiter will be in the eighth house, fate will give Taurus various excellent opportunities concerning money.

For the whole of 2018, the planet Pluto near the sign Taurus is in the ninth house responsible for distant surroundings, philosophy and travel. This will give the sign representative great enthusiasm and strong inclinations toward adventurism. They will not know the needs of anything and will be able to do all that the soul is drawn to. Although occasionally desires will be difficult to fulfill, Taurus will not stop anyway. Perhaps in 2018, he will want to make a long and dangerous trip to another country.

Horoscope for Gemini

Almost the entire 2018 year, until the ninth of November, the planet Jupiter in the Gemini people is in the sixth house - responsible for work and health. And then she finds herself in the seventh house, responsible for privacy.

Therefore, the whole year representatives of the mark will be taken to work, which is given to them now with unprecedented ease. They are not burdened with responsibilities, and finances are beginning to increase exponentially.

The twins will be able to show their strong organizational skills, as well as begin to actively cooperate with others. And providing services to other people - will be able to experience real pleasure.

In the area of ​​health, Gemini does not foresee any problems.

As for private life, then from the fifteenth of May, when the planet Jupiter finds itself in the seventh house (the house of personal life, marriage and partner relations), a very happy and favorable time comes. Those twins who suffer from problems in a relationship can solve them in the most successful way. In general, the horoscope for the 2018th year promises Gemini to meet the love of his life, plus to all such relationships will be provided with a reliable financial base.

Horoscope for Cancer

Until November 9, 2018, the planet Jupiter finds itself in the fifth house in the sign of the Zodiac Cancer, which is responsible for games, entertainment, and children. After that, Jupiter moves to the sixth house - the field of health and career.

In general, in 2018, Rakov will strongly pull on everything new, risky, all that is beyond the “too much”. Therefore, they can connect with unexpected and risky financial transactions, play sports, get carried away by love affairs or gambling.

In early November, the planet Jupiter in Cancer will be in the sixth house. And if earlier they could face some difficulties in this area of ​​life, now all the problems are coming to an end. Cancers will be able to find a job that will surely bring them moral pleasure and high income.

And from November 2018, Rakov’s health will also improve significantly.

Horoscope for Leo

Throughout the year, their parents or senior family members will help the Lions people. Of course, they themselves will not remain indifferent either, they will begin to show loyalty and care towards their family.

From November 2018, Leo will begin to attract various grand creative projects. They will also experience a strong desire to participate in various competitions, to invest finances in various operations, sometimes quite risky, to engage in flirting and so on. And Mrs. Luck will always be somewhere nearby.

In a career, the stars promise Leo significant success, provoked by a serious attitude to work and hard work. This applies in particular to civil servants, mathematicians and people practicing the natural sciences.

The planet Saturn is in the health sphere of Leo in 2018, so it is extremely important for him to control his state of health. Exacerbation of various chronic pathologies is not excluded.

Horoscope for Virgo

Planet Jupiter in the third house will be able to give Virgos wonderful relationships with relatives and their loved ones. Communication is given to the Virgin now very easily, but she needs to try to protect herself from heightened credulity.

From the ninth of November, 2018, family values ​​are greatly increased for Dev people. Probably at this time your parents or spouses will begin to need your help, or, on the contrary, they will begin to help you in various matters. Anyway, the Virgin will feel comfort, tranquility and safety, being surrounded by her loved ones.

Planet Uranus in the eighth house warns Dev to be very careful with other people's finances. At first glance, all kinds of manipulations concerning the money of others seem to be very profitable, but in reality they are not at all fraught with the result that Virgo wants.

Speaking about privacy, it can be noted that Dev will pursue extreme sensitivity and suspiciousness.

Horoscope for Libra

Libra in 2018 will pleasantly delight the financial sphere of life. Money will come from almost anywhere. Those representatives of Libra who practice commerce, banking, insurance, export and import operations, tourist activity can count on special success.

All this year, the planet Saturn near Libra goes into the 4th house - responsible for the family. Due to this, an aggravation of family ties will occur and increased responsibility for their close environment will increase.

In the first months of the year, having fallen under the influence of the planet Uranus, lonely representatives of the constellation of Libra will be engaged in an active search for such a partner, relations with which will be interesting and will be able to surprise with their singularity. Uranus will affect Libra in such a way that they can even unexpectedly conclude a marriage union, trusting in emotions, although the separation promises to be no less rapid afterwards.

In matters of health, Libra, being under the influence of the planet Neptune in the sixth house, may encounter some incomprehensible pathology that has implicit, blurred symptoms.

Horoscope for Scorpio

Most of the year (until the ninth of November) the planet Jupiter near Scorpio enters the 1st house - responsible for the person’s identity. This means that in this area of ​​life Scorpio can count on especially successful and joyful events. It is possible to change your habitual behavior - there will be a desire to live carefree, to travel and enjoy life to the maximum.

On the ninth of November, Jupiter goes into the second house - responsible for property and finances. Then the active growth of their material well-being will begin.

But at the same time, almost all of the second half of the year, Scorpio people will face difficulties in the sphere of partner relations. The flighty Uranus will contribute to the rapid establishment of connections, which, however, will break as quickly.

Finding the planet Uranus, the first part of 2018 in the sixth house will provide the Scorpios with a lot of stress and a lot of work, which runs the risk of complete physical and moral exhaustion.

Horoscope for Sagittarius

An interesting trend of 2018 for Sagittarius - he may become interested in mystical teachings, esotericism, the occult and yoga. Also Streltsov, most likely, will be seduced by philosophy and they will be able to study it actively.

Finding the planet Saturn in the second house is not intended to tell about financial difficulties. Most likely, this is a sign to the Sagittarius to work seriously in order to maintain normal their well-being.

On the fifteenth day, the planet Uranus turns out to be in Streltsov in the house of health. In this area of ​​life is not excluded the emergence of certain changes, often quite unpredictable. It is possible that Streltsov will have neurotic disorders, as well as pathologies with strange and atypical symptoms.

As for the scope of work, in it the Sagittarius will act stubbornly and inflexible, finding a compromise solution with him will present a greater difficulty. Because of this, from May 15, various conflicts at work are likely to occur.

Horoscope for Capricorn

The horoscope for the 2018th year promises that Capricorn will begin to set global goals, and almost no effort will be needed to implement them. Also, a representative of this sign is expected to have a lot of communication, it does not exclude entry into any group or community.

The first half of the year promises a lot of unexpected changes in everything that concerns the home, traditions and family, especially the parents. For example, an unexpected change of place of residence is not excluded.

More planets and stars promise Capricorn people in 2018 many rational and promising plans and creative ideas. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the bulk of these projects remain unfulfilled, since various obstacles will arise on the way.

It is possible that you yourself will first carefully think and calculate everything, and then abandon the specified plans for an indefinite period of time.

Horoscope for Aquarius

According to the horoscope for the 2018th year, Aquarius almost all of the next twelve months will be engaged in the manifestation of their remarkable organizational skills, which in total will help him achieve success in various events.

For other people, Aquarius will look like a serious and reliable person, whose help you can always count on. In fact, it must be said that the representatives of this Zodiacal constellation will have some kind of increased sense of justice, thanks to which they will easily achieve public recognition. Such a position of the planet Jupiter is most favorable for all who are engaged in building a political or legal career.

Uranium, which by the fifteenth will be in the fourth house, is responsible for family and household values ​​and will provoke many changes in this area of ​​life. Accordingly, the horoscope, many Aquarius will drop the opportunity to change the permanent place of residence. As for family relationships, they will be filled with some confusion.

Также в течение 2018-го года люди-Водолеи будут вынуждены честно вести финансовые дела, чтобы спасти себя от возможных трудностей. Им сейчас как никогда нужно задействовать свою честность с рассудительностью.

Гороскоп для Рыб

Нахождение планеты Юпитер в девятом доме подарит представителям знака Зодиака Рыбы повышенную амбициозность. They will probably go for a second higher education, or they will decide to improve their knowledge using some other method, for example, they will begin to independently study philosophical trends or foreign languages.

On November 9, 2018, the planet Jupiter for Pisces is in the tenth house. This will have a very positive effect on their career, provided that they show enough confidence in themselves and their organizational skills. With the help of Jupiter, this will be easy enough.

Throughout the year, the financial position of the Pisces will vary somewhat. They will alternately face ups and downs.

In such trends promises to go through the horoscope for representatives of all zodiacal constellations in 2018.

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