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Prayer for health and other requirements: how and to whom to order in a church or monastery


Previously, our ancestors knew all the church rules and led a God-fearing life in the faith. Today, few people know what a prayer is and how to order it. When my mom got sick, they advised me to order a prayer for health. I went to church and in the church shop I filed a special note, paying for the service of the clergy. Mom very quickly went to the amendment, after which I ordered a thanksgiving prayer in the same church. In the article I will tell you what prayers are, and what saints and archangels can be ordered.

Church prayers

First of all, you need to know that prayers are ordered to living people, and the dead - requiem and sorokosta. It is important to distinguish between prayers from sorokouta, mass and proscomide: they are carried out during liturgies. Prayer is a special worship service (requirement), a request for the bestowal of God's grace. Prayer services are ordered to the Virgin, the Savior, the saints and the archangels. Prayers are divided into pleading and thankful. Also prayers are Akathist, sacred, simple and thankful.

Types of prayers:

  • about health;
  • about traveling;
  • about students;
  • on the consecration of the apartment and car;
  • for the consecration of icons and Orthodox symbols;
  • thank-yous;
  • about getting benefits;
  • water holy.

Formerly, prayers were served during the invasion of foreigners, during droughts and crop failures, during epidemics and cattle accidents, during natural disasters and various social ills. Nowadays, private prayers are practiced with a request for the needs of individuals, but sometimes public prayers are held.

Public prayers include:

  • The great blessing of water at baptism;
  • on the first Sunday of Great Lent;
  • apple, honey, nut saved;
  • the beginning of the teachings of youths;
  • New Year's Eve (civil new year);
  • Christmas thank you.

Simple prayers are held on the day of the veneration of the saints, they make those petitions, which the parishioners filed. Simple prayers are ordered about the patient or on the day of worship of the patron saint. Akathist prayers are held in front of the miraculous icons or in the days of honoring the saints. About the time of the Akathist prayers can be found in the temple or in the monastery.

What time can I order a prayer? It depends on the petition: from one day to one year. For example, a prayer service for travelers can be ordered for the duration of the trip.

What is the difference between church prayer and house prayer? Jesus Christ said that where two or three meet in his name, he abides there. Therefore, joint (congregational) prayers are much more effective than solitary ones. The Lord and the saints also hear the house prayer, but it has much less power.

Where can I hold a prayer service? It is carried out in the church or in a place that needs to be consecrated - laying the foundation of a house, consecrating an office or another place.

Water prayers

This is a separate rank, during which the water is consecrated. Holy prayer is small and great (on the feast of Epiphany). Low water blessing is held on any day and under any circumstances.

During the water-holy prayer, water is baptized, which stands on the table. After sanctification of the water by prayers, the Christian can take it home. Sometimes a lot of water is sanctified, so other believers can take it home.

On water-holy prayers can be consecrated crosses and icons. Sanctified water they drink at home on an empty stomach, sprinkle an apartment or a plot.

How and to whom to order a prayer

What is a prayer service and how to order it correctly? To do this, submit a church note, which indicate the peculiarity of the prayer: thanksgiving or asking. They also indicate who should order the prayer service - to the Mother of God, the saints, the Lord or the archangels. Below they list the names of those who ask in the genitive case (Faith, Lyubov, Vladimir).

You can not order a prayer for non-baptized people and non-Christians.

You can also indicate in the note the status of a Christian: a sick Sergei, the infant Daniel. However, it is unacceptable to indicate such characteristics of a person as a lost person, a blissful person, etc.

Why it is impossible to order prayers for unbaptized people? Because they are not members of the church. You can pray for them diligently at home, as well as put candles in front of icons. But at church commemoration their names are not accepted.

Examples of prayers to saints and our Lady:

  • Our Lady of Vladimir - in difficult life circumstances, with heaviness in the soul;
  • Our Lady "The Healer" - from bodily ailments;
  • Our Lady “Unexpected Joy” - in case of a disease of the organs of hearing;
  • Our Lady "Inexhaustible Chalice" - in case of problems with drug addiction and alcoholism;
  • Our Lady “Sporuchnitsa sinners” - with neurological ailments;
  • Our Lady "All-Lady" pray for the healing of cancer;
  • Our Lady Odigitria pray with sadness and depression;
  • Our Lady “The Fadeless Color” is ordered by prayers for family well-being and marriage;
  • the icon of the faithful princes Boris and Gleb pray at the problems of the musculoskeletal system;
  • the blessed Matrona of Moscow pray at family troubles;
  • Holy Martyrs Cyprianus and Justinia are ordered to pray from witchcraft and spoilage.

This is an incomplete list of possible prayers of the Mother of God and saints. To find out more about the prayers being held, you need to make this request to the monastery or the temple. You can also order a prayer service online by submitting an application to a monastery or church. Currently, prayers can be ordered at the monastery on Mount Athos through their website on the Internet.