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Mammalian Icon: meaning, prayer, what helps


Breastfeeding is very important in the life of a small child, so the mother’s lack of milk has the most destructive effect on the health of the baby. In ancient times there were no milk formulas, therefore women sought salvation from the image of the Virgin Mary.

The Mammalian Icon also helps today with problems with breastfeeding. After severe stress, my friend's milk disappeared when the baby was only six weeks old. The grandmother-neighbor advised us to pray to the image of the nursing Mother of God, which helped to return breast milk. It became so much that the baby always fed up and was not sick of anything.

Value icons

The icon depicts the Virgin Mary, breastfeeding the Infant Jesus. This is the only icon revealing the sacrament of feeding the child's mother. Feeding with breast milk is the most sacred mystery in the world, because with the help of mother's milk a baby becomes strong and healthy.

The history of the creation of the image dates back to the first millennium of our era, when numerous heretical teachings began to appear. One of the teachings claimed that Christ did not possess human nature, but only divine. To expose the heresy, the Ecumenical Council convened. Subsequently, the Mammalian Icon appeared, where the breastfeeding of the Infant Christ Christ is visually depicted and his human nature is shown.

The icon of the Mother of God the Mammalist has been kept for a long time in Jerusalem in the church of the Monastery of Savva the Sanctified, then she was transferred to the church of the Khilandar monastery on Mount Athos. It belongs to the most ancient samples of iconography. Over the centuries, many lists of originals have been made, all of which are miraculous. An integral attribute of ancient images - the image of the moon and sun.

The Mammalian Icon has the meaning of spiritual nourishment of believers.

According to legend, the image was bestowed on the founder of the Greek monasticism of the ven. Savva. Before his death, he bequeathed the icon to a pilgrim named after him. Only a few centuries later, Sawa the Serbian appeared in Jerusalem, to whom the shrine was handed over.

Date of worship of the holy image - January 25.

Nowadays, the list with the original image is in the Epiphany Cathedral (Moscow).

Location lists with the prototype:

  • monastery Hilandar on Mount Athos;
  • temple prep. Savva the Sanctified on Athos;
  • basilica sv. John the Evangelist in Italy;
  • monastery of sv. Gerasim Jordan in Palestine;
  • a monastery in honor of the Virgin Mary "Galactotrophus" in Cyprus;
  • The Virgin Mary Shcheglovsky Monastery;
  • The Patriarchal Cathedral of the Epiphany on the Yelokhov Field in Moscow;
  • Holy Dormition Odessa Monastery;
  • Holy Pokrovsky Convent in Khotkovo;
  • the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow;
  • Trinity Cathedral of the Ipatiev Monastery in Kostroma;
  • Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin in Zachatievsky monastery;
  • Temple in honor of the Assumption of the Virgin in Minsk.

If in the past centuries the image of the nurse was especially revered by monks, then in modern times, all lay people need it. The Most Pure Virgin bestows grace and help to those in need of her support.

What helps

A mammal should be in the home of every woman who has children or is about to become a mother. This is very important, since in the modern world milk often disappears from young mothers. The absence of breast milk has a bad effect on the health and digestion of the infant; no artificial mixtures can replace the mother's milk.

Icon also helps:

  • if the baby is sick;
  • when weaning the infant;
  • to stop lactation;
  • easy to give birth to a baby;
  • in complications during pregnancy;
  • with gynecological problems in women;
  • with mastopathy and problems with the mammary glands;
  • for family problems, as it gives "spiritual milk".

The icon in the baby’s room is a protection and cover from any negative impact and problems. Mammalist protects the mother and child from the hardships of life, becomes a talisman.

Note! The Mammalian Icon relieves of diseases and men, because it gives spiritual milk for a full Christian life.

How to pray an icon? It is necessary to read the prayer to the Virgin before the icon while the candle is lit. And then turn to the Virgin with his request for help. This can be done in simple words from the heart. The Most Pure Virgin always comes to the aid of those who suffer, responding to the pleas of a broken heart.

Also, do not forget about confession and the sacrament. These are the two most important Sacraments in the life of every Orthodox, which help to gain the fullness of the Christian life and contribute to a quick answer to prayers. Despite being busy, you need to make time for accepting the Holy Gifts, and to give the infant communion.

Mammalian Prayer:

Madonna and Child

In the Catholic Church, the image of the Madonna and Child (Madonna del Latte) is widespread, but he wears an artistic expression. Everyone knows the famous painting by Leonardo do Vinci, which is an example of artistic art. This is a painting on a religious theme, not an icon.

Following the example of da Vinci, many European artists began to depict the nursing Virgin Mary with a baby, but in the 16th century the Pope issued a decree prohibiting the depiction of nude body parts. Therefore, there were no more pictures with this plot.