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1980 What animal is his personality?


1980 What animal is in the Chinese horoscope? Someone from your close people was born in the specified year, and you want to better understand the features of his personality? Then I invite you to familiarize yourself with the following material.

1980 What animal is a horoscope?

All those people who were born in the period from February 16, 1980 to February 4, 1981 inclusive, belong to the sign of the Monkey.

All animals in the Eastern calendar have their own additional characteristics: color and element. In our case, Monkey was White and belonged to the Element of Metal.

Monkey man, what is he like by nature?

Having found out, 1980, of which animals, let us proceed to a detailed description of the sign. Persons who have seen the world under the sign of the Monkey have a developed intellect, dexterity and agility. However, at the same time they show quick temper, they like to be free-will and self-will. Most of the representatives of the sign are distinguished by ingenuity, originality, sound logic, and are able to make the right decisions. True, they show excessive arrogance.

Monkeys can be implemented in almost any field of activity. But they are eager to get everything at once. Quickly distracted from one occupation and persuade. Often upset even due to minor obstacles, minimal interference and fall into a depressive state.

Such a person can become famous and become popular, but only under the condition that he stubbornly follows his mission.

In the heads of the Monkey people there are always so many different thoughts, ideas, plans and various ploys. They are fully developed personalities who are constantly in motion. At the same time, they are distinguished by cunning, selfishness, they always strive to find benefits for themselves, but they have excellent communication skills.

From the side it seems that the identity of the sign manages to get along with everyone around. That, however, is not surprising, because they are so playful, light, witty. And also - polite and helpful, but too noisy, restless, superficial and unrestrained. They are often found unbearable people who will lead anyone out of themselves, even their relatives and friends. But with the Monkey you just do not face boredom.

People of the ninth sign of the Eastern horoscope easily adapt to new conditions and environments. But to adapt to them is obtained not at all. And while the Monkeys' career, as a rule, develops successfully, the personal sphere of life often suffers.

This happens because of their unreliability. The passionate nature of Monkeys constantly requires new hobbies, emotions, so they cannot be considered true partners for their second half. Such a character they have - unstable, unstable, amorous. Feelings, how quickly they arise, likewise quickly disappear.

What always helps macaques in difficult life situations? Of course, their excellent sense of humor! They know how to sincerely laugh at themselves, at their failures, and draw the right conclusions from them.

And still the man-monkey is a wonderful interlocutor. You can communicate with him on absolutely any topic. His ability to improvise and parody are impressive. But here the superficiality of their nature is also manifested: they tend to establish a large number of connections, contacts, but they usually do not have real friends.

Representatives of the sly sign of the Eastern horoscope always need new information, amazing sensations. And if they are absent - it does not matter, they will create them on their own! Since by nature they are prone to self-deception and deception of other people. It has poorly developed paternal and maternal feelings, but, if necessary, it imitates them without much difficulty. For monkeys, hard principles are uncharacteristic, and they perceive morality and ethics in a very peculiar way. Life is conducted by its curiosity, curiosity.

Representatives of the sign are real intellectuals. They are distinguished by vanity, arrogance, while they are poorly versed in human psychology. But this is what keeps communication with people around! But by nature, a great memory allows you to save and reproduce everything that was seen, heard or read.

Monkey surprisingly quickly able to cope with even the most difficult problems. The main thing is that she should be immediately taken for their decision, not postponing it indefinitely.

If someone in the Eastern horoscope and can be considered an ideal diplomat, then it will, of course, be the Monkey! Cleverly turn out of any situation, coming out "dry out of the water." But to instill something in such a person is simply not possible. He always independently plans his actions, choosing the best options.

Plus, he is not distinguished by special conscientiousness. If you suddenly need it, without the slightest scrutiny of conscience, it will frankly lie to your eyes, smile, and behind your eyes, will express everything that is actually thinking of you. Especially those people who belong to a low spiritual level. However, as a rule, Monkeys do not get angry for a long time, because they are so charming, sweet and it is simply impossible not to succumb to their natural charm. Many seek to get close to such a person.

And although the representative of the mark is quietly making a deal with his conscience, he still becomes successful in any business for which he would not have taken up. Everything that he puts his hand to is sure to go excellent.

You can also distinguish 2 types of monkeys:

  1. Sociable (in the majority). Such people tend to society, crazy about fun, easy flirting and fleeting connections. For them, the outer shell of those around them is much more important than their inner contents.
  2. Closed loop. They are also inherent intelligence, ingenuity, politeness and attentiveness. True, mainly aimed at his own person. Representatives of the second category prefer to remain silent than speak, draw conclusions for themselves. They seem to be philosophers.

In what areas of activity does the Monkey best realize itself? It turns out an excellent journalist, correspondent, realtor, mediator, seller and politician. Many sign personalities are associated with tourism and advertising.

Characteristic of the Metal Monkey

Knowing the year 1980 of what animal in Eastern astrology, having familiarized with its characteristics, it is necessary to dwell on the White Metal Monkey in more detail.

Those who belong to the element of Metal, have a more masterful disposition than their fellow tribesmen. They have huge internal resources that allow finding a way out of any situation. And also - economical, pragmatic, independent, they know how to invest financially, they want to achieve a high social position.

Of the disadvantages are the following:

  • excessive concentration on one’s personality
  • can ignore what is happening around them
  • prone to deception.

But the Metallic animal is the most cordial, brighter than other monkeys demonstrates its own emotions and experiences.

Such a person is piously convinced that his main task is to shine in society, which he diligently proves. Due to its developed artistry, they are able to achieve fame. It is also noteworthy that the animal elements of Metal do not really need help from others; they independently protect their position and interests.

Love compatibility

Answering the question: "What animal is the year 1980 according to the Eastern calendar?" and describing his personality, it's time to go to the compatibility review in love.

  • With rat. Option just perfect union. Partner-Rat is crazy about his lover, even if he does not receive reciprocity. It is also possible to create friendships, however, again the main contribution to them lies behind the Rat. Business connections also promise to be successful.
  • With bull. Both partners are well aware of each other. True, initially the monkey may find the Bull very boring, but it is imbued with its decency, diligence and conscientiousness. For his part, the bull studies and masters the difficult temper of his chosen one, but generously forgives her shortcomings. Friendship is very real, but the business relationship is better to give up.
  • With tiger. In the pair there are constantly different friction, quarrels. And if today everything is good for them, then tomorrow the situation is changing radically. The only harmonious option is when they have many children and simply do not have enough time for conflicts. Everything can happen with friendly and business interaction.
  • With a rabbit. Between these signs is rarely created a happy family. But friendly relations, by contrast, are very strong and deep. In matters of all very doubtful and unpromising.
  • With dragon. The pair may not be perfect, but quite normal. Primary responsibility for the positive atmosphere of this relationship lies with the Monkey. Friendship and deeds are definitely recommended.
  • With snake. You can talk about a very dubious tandem. First of all, relationships will develop only at the request of the Snake partner. And in the future everything will depend on the behavior of the Monkey. It is also important for Snake to give up its pride. Friendly and business connections should be avoided.
  • With a horse. Option unpromising union. For example, the Horse is terribly offended by the stinginess and superficiality of the macaque, and the latter, for its part, is angry because of the Horse’s complacency and love of freedom. The friendship will be very short, and in business the signs are absolutely incompatible.
  • With goat. Something will come out, but only under the condition of a high financial position of the Monkey. Then a fictitious marriage or a marriage of convenience is quite real. Much more successful will be friendly and business communication options.
  • With Monkey. Perfect match for each other. Although it is often difficult for partners of the same sign to get along under one roof, but this is definitely not about two monkeys! They sincerely love each other and know how to find mutual understanding.
  • With rooster. Here you can talk about life on the volcano, in which at every step craters and complete unknown. The same applies to any other interaction between signs.
  • With a dog. There is a rather dubious and problematic compatibility. The dog is too big an idealist that is treacherously used by the Monkey partner. Friendly relationships are generally possible, although also undesirable. Joint affairs can not have any.
  • With pig. There are almost no common points of contact. A monkey constantly has a certain duality: it seems that she highly appreciates her chosen one, treats him with respect, but on the other hand, if possible, she would like to have a finger around her. But the interaction of friendly and business nature is quite favorable.

Pay attention to the compatibility of the Chinese horoscope is necessary, but, of course, you should not rely solely on this indicator.

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