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What can you learn about a person by the characteristics of his name


A person's name is what he hears most often during the day. All names have their own characteristics and have a strong influence on the behavior of a person, his temper and even fate. In this article, I suggest you find out the connection between the name and the fate of a person, as well as the relationship between character and name.

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At first glance it may seem that the human name is nothing more than a simple set of sounds. But in reality, sounds have a very large amount of information that is perceived by people around them.

The name greatly affects the characteristics of the character and behavior of the individual. It is capable, how to focus on some inclinations, specific character traits, and to influence the behavior of an individual in society.

Of course, it is impossible to say one hundred percent that all Andrei and Darin, for example, will be complete copies of each other. However, people have long noticed that similar behavior under certain conditions is peculiar to the namesake.

In addition, it should be remembered also about the meaning not only of the name itself, but also of the patronymic and their influence on the character and fate of a person. And full namesakes names and patronymic names are not so often.

Ever since antiquity, people have taken the choice of a name very seriously, since the name has accompanied a person throughout his life.

It is not by chance that a change of name always provokes the appearance of fairly rapid changes in character, habits, and sometimes even the appearance of an individual.

An interesting old method of removing moles from the face. According to her, as soon as a person replaces a name, ugly spots immediately disappear from his face.

Previously, a human name could often indicate the purpose of a person chosen for him by his close associates (parents and other close relatives). That name was supposed to tell about the estate of man and his name. For Europeans, for example, it was customary to call the baby at the same time by several names — in this way parents tried to form more positive characteristics in it.

And the Japanese tradition has still not lost its relevance, so in the Land of the Rising Sun some people have up to thirty own names at the same time. In a number of world cultures, there is a sign that no one should know about the real (secret) name of a person, except himself and his closest circle. And in everyday life you need to use a completely different, everyday name.

How to name your child?

Unfortunately, they have not yet invented a universal method that could help to find the most appropriate name for the child. Our ancestors in this case used the Church's Holy, which made this procedure much simpler. But, if you are interested in choosing a name, then you can take into account some recommendations given by experienced people.

  • The name is that that each of us hears, for sure, more often than any other word, and therefore it is important to take care of its harmoniousness, so that it does not irritate the person himself. The name, when viewed from a scientific point of view, is a combination of sounds with different heights that excite different areas in the brain.

It is unlikely that you will argue with the fact that there are options for hard and soft names, as well as romantic and strict, simple and pompous. In this way, one can trace the influence of the meaning of a name on the character and fate of a person. Let us give a simple example: a person who is rather gentle in nature can hear the name with a hard sound every day. This will certainly affect his character and make him more solid, and may even make him a real tyrant.

  • Besides, when you choose a name, you need to be puzzled by the question of combining it with a patronymic name, since in adulthood a person will basically hear the very combination “name + patronymic”. And if it is problematic enough to pronounce it, then the individual may be irritable, his character is able to deteriorate markedly, which will negatively affect relations with other people. Everything can end with low self-esteem, a person will think that he is a loser and will not be able to achieve goals in life. And absolutely the opposite - the harmonious sound of the name with the patronymic will fill a person with pride in himself and inner peace.
  • Name risks become a curse for a person if the baby receives, for example, the name of a famous person with an unfortunate fate. Therefore, be very cautious, giving your child some unusual name.

  • Not recommended give the children the names of their parents. Such a combination will certainly sound quite interesting, however, according to practice, in this case, a deterioration in the relationship between the older and younger members of the genus is possible.

In addition, the child risks inheriting far from the most positive of the characteristics of his parent because of what he will feel guilty for his father.

An even more dangerous option is to give the baby the name of a deceased relative. Then a person during the whole of his life will feel the oppression of another person and will not be able to fully manifest his full potential.

  • Also be careful when you want to give your daughter a typically male name: for example, you want to call her Eugenia, Alexandra, Antonina and so on. It was noticed that a girl with a similar name in adulthood will be distinguished by increased autonomy, poor handling and often risk herself in vain. And in the end, all this is fraught with controversial nature and the emergence of serious sexual disorders.
  • In everyday life they rarely use a name in only one form, since the full name always has diminutive variations. Make sure that all the derivatives of the name are distinguished by a harmonious sound, because otherwise a person may have a very difficult life.

There are cases when a person, due to some circumstances, gets a new version of the name. For example, if he wants to take on a divine mission. Thanks to a successful name change in addition to church recommendations, a person is able to even change his character with habits, which should favorably affect his activities.

  • It also happens that adults in the literal sense of the word cannot adapt to their name, it is perceived by them as inappropriate, constantly reminds about something unpleasant. Of course, in this case, changing the name means doing a good deed. As a result, a person will be able to strengthen his social position, he will notice a completely different attitude towards himself. The weight of the past name finally falls from its shoulders, and life will change for the better.
  • To help future mom to pick the most appropriate name for her child, you can offer one more advice. To this end, she is recommended to lie down on the bed somewhere in the afternoon, relax and begin to pronounce various names until there is a feeling that the name resonates with you. Then you can be sure that it will be harmonious for the future child and will not disturb his composure.

  • Refuse from overly complex and artsy names. They will surely become a hindrance during subsequent communication with the outside world.
  • For babies who were taken from the orphanage, should change the names. This is due to the fact that their genetic parents, when they registered the rejection of their child, at the subconscious level, invested a lot of negative psychic energy in their names.

The application of all these recommendations is designed to help future parents find the most appropriate and sweet name for their offspring, which will affect its life only in a positive context.

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